The Beginning: The Quran Needs a New Interpretation

It has come to my attention that many people have poorly interpreted the Quran and have passed down this poor interpretation to their children. It has caused a mess of the Islam world, and I have asked God what I can do to help humanity. I am in service to the divine and wish to only help others see what I can see. Unity.

Islam has been scapegoated and segregated. It has been mocked and ridiculed. It has been slandered and torn to pieces. Many muslims have been pitted against each other causing war and division. You have men in high places of muslim countries who rule the muslim countries as if they were divinely chosen to alter God’s Laws found in the Quran. You have women being oppressed in certain places. You have Arabs claiming rights on the Quran because it was originally in Arabic, even though this book of truth is for all of mankind. We had messengers and now we need an interpreter. This is me. I will help you all to see what I see inside of this beautiful book of truth, justice and equality.

This blog will not reference nor speak about Hadiths. I will only focus on translating the Quran in English to understandable and relatable concepts to show you how a peaceful believer can interpret them. I will occasionally throw in knowledge found in other holy books, or ideas I have learned about being a spiritual seeker.

This blog is for everyone curious, confused, and concerned about Islam and is meant to be shared freely to show how to historically, intuitively, and empathically interpret the Quran.

I am an Indigo muslim, here to bring a new perspective of the Quran using my 6 senses. May God guide you to the truth always.

Salaam ❤