Surah Al-Baqarah: Chapter 2 (line 170-180) The Cow

170. And when it is said to them, “Follow what God has revealed,” they say, “We will follow what we found our ancestors following.” Even if their ancestors understood nothing, and were not guided?

171. The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind-they do not understand.

172. O you who believe! Eat of the good things We have provided for you, and give thanks to God, if it is Him that you serve.

173. He has forbidden you carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and what was dedicated to other than God. But if anyone is compelled, without desiring or exceeding, he commits no sin. God is Forgiving and Merciful.

174. Those who conceal what God revealed in the Book, and exchange it for a small price-those swallow nothing but fire into their bellies. And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they will have a painful punishment.

175. It is they who exchange guidance for error, and forgiveness for punishment. But why do they insist on the Fire?

176. That is because God has revealed the Book in truth; and those who differ about the Book are in deep discord.

177. Righteousness does not consist of turning your faces towards the East and the West. But righteous is he who believes in God, and the Last Day, and the angels, and the Scripture, and the prophets. Who gives money, though dear, to near relatives, and orphans, and the needy, and the homeless, and the beggars, and for the freeing of slaves; those who perform the prayers, and pay the obligatory charity, and fulfill their promise when they promise, and patiently persevere in the face of persecution, hardship, and in the time of conflict. These are the sincere; these are the pious.

178. O you who believe! Retaliation for the murdered is ordained upon you: the free for the free, the slave for the slave, the female for the female. But if he is forgiven by his kin, then grant any reasonable demand, and pay with good will. This is a concession from your Lord, and a mercy. But whoever commits aggression after that, a painful torment awaits him.

179. There is life for you in retaliation, O people of understanding, so that you may refrain.

180. It is decreed for you: when death approaches one of you, and he leaves wealth, to make a testament in favor of the parents and the relatives, fairly and correctly-a duty upon the righteous.

My Interpretation:

Here is Archangel saying that this has been said before and the leaders of Mecca say that they will continue to follow their ancestor’s traditions even though they were not the right way. Muhammad is told to warn the pagan leaders, and leaders of other religions that by lying about Islam or concealing what was revealed to them, from the masses, will cause them to suffer in the afterlife. Fire being swallowed in their bellies to me is not a physical fire, but instead a way to say that their guilt will burn them from inside one day when the truth comes out.

Muhammad also is to give them a list of things NOT to eat which is carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and what was dedicated to other than God. This makes sense in many ways since they are harmful for the body, and the food that has been sacrificed for other gods, has bad energy attached to it. You never know about the unseen world of spirits and what people evoke through ritual. We must always be careful.

There is a suggestion that those who constantly fight over the Book (Gospel and Torah), are in deep discord and can not hear anything while they fill themselves with anger and become blind with hatred for each other. Once again, as I type this I only envision a few leaders of each religion in this position. The ones who have sat at the high seats of power and have controlled what ultimately is taught to an illiterate society who can not read the scrolls themselves.

Righteousness expressed here is very important. I show this to everyone I can, to show it is not one faith, or even a religion you need to belong to, it is how well you follow these ideas: charity, orphan and children care, homeless care, freeing of slaves (not prisoners-there is a big difference during these times of war), belief in the angels, Books, words from the messengers, prayer, and hard work to do goodness on earth. This to me, is how all good people can connect together.

Along with being righteous, you must also be brave and not allow evil or injustice to expand. So war is prescribed in order to prevent further bloodshed. This is the battle cry of Muhammad and God and the angels are behind the good people, as they defend their homes and their lives, from the extremely angry Mecca leaders.

However, it is KEY to see that God is Merciful and says that you should stop all revolutions or wars, if they cease and come to their senses. But if they do not, then God says that self defense and defense of land is always allowed.

Lastly, there is a testament to a “will” law that developed. Gabriel is telling Muhammad that the wealth that the people make, you can not take with you in death as the Egyptians once believed, and to give to those who are your family and close relatives. Today we have this law, and it is wonderful so that the state does not claim your home or property once you die. This is the way your bloodline can survive and live on, even after you are long gone.