Surah Ali-Imran: Chapter 3 (line 20-30) The Family of Iram

20. If they argue with you, say, “I have surrendered myself to God, and those who follow me.” And say to those who were given the Scripture, and to the unlearned, “Have you surrendered?” If they have surrendered, then they are guided; but if they turn away, then your duty is to convey. God is Seeing of the servants.

21. As for those who defy God’s revelations, and kill the prophets unjustly, and kill those who advocate justice among the people-promise them a painful retribution.

22. They are those whose deeds will come to nothing, in this world and in the Hereafter; and they will have no saviors.

23. Have you not considered those who were given a share of the Scripture, as they were called to the Scripture of God to arbitrate between them; then some of them turned back, and declined?

24. That is because they said, “The Fire will not touch us except for a limited number of days.” They have been misled in their religion by the lies they fabricated.

25. How about when We gather them for a Day in which there is no doubt, and each soul will be paid in full for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged?

26. Say, “O God, Owner of Sovereignty. You grant sovereignty to whom You will, and You strip sovereignty from whom you will. You honor whom you will, and You humiliate whom you will. In Your hand is all goodness. You are Capable of all things.”

27. “You merge the night into the day, and You merge the day into the night; and you bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living; and You provide for whom you will without measure.”

28. Believers are not to take disbelievers for friends instead of believers. Whoever does that has nothing to do with God, unless it is to protect your own selves against them. God warns you to beware of Him. To God is the destiny.

29. Say, “Whether you conceal what is in your hearts, or disclose it, God knows it.” He knows everything in the heavens and the earth. God is Powerful over everything.

30. On the Day when every soul finds all the good it has done presented. And as for the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between them. God cautions you of Himself. God is Kind towards the servants.

My Interpretation: 

This is a truly powerful moment for Muhammad to see how serious religious corruption has taken place in history. They were given the books, but by their own envy or mental incapabilities could not see the clear messages in it so they threw out the true words of God, and created their ow by teaching the masses a corrupted version of what was written originally. 

Any of the men in the past who have killed the messengers or prophets of God will be judged for what they have done. They are men who have become too proud and too concerned with their own wealth to even consider God’s warnings and messages. If a believer becomes friends with these people he will only lead himself to his own ruin. So God says you can be friends with those who disbelieve as long as it is to make peace with them and prevent war and them persecuting you, but do not follow their ways or it could lead you down the wrong path, Gabriel is warning Muhammad to tell the people.

Every good and evil is accounted for by God.



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