Surah Ali-Imran: Chapter 3 (line 100-110) The Family of Iram

100. O you who believe! If you obey a party of those who were given the Scripture, they will turn you, after your belief, into disbelievers.

101. And how could you disbelieve, when God’s revelations are being recited to you, and among you is His Messenger? Whoever cleaves to God has been guided to a straight path.

102. O you who believe! Revere God with due reverence, and do not die except as Muslims.

103. And hold fast to the rope of God, altogether, and do not become divided. And remember God’s blessings upon you; how you were enemies, and He reconciled your hearts, and by His grace you became brethren. And you were on the brink of a pit of fire, and He saved you from it. God thus clarifies His revelations for you, so that you may be guided.

104. And let there be among you a community calling to virtue, and advocating righteousness, and deterring from evil. These are the successful.

105. And do not be like those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs came to them; for them is a great punishment.

106. On the Day when some faces will be whitened, and some faces will be blackened. As for those whose faces are blackened: “Did you disbelieve after your belief?” Then taste the punishment for having disbelieved.

107. But as for those whose faces are whitened: they are in God’s mercy, remaining in it forever.

108. These are the revelations of God. We recite them to you in truth. God desires no injustice for mankind.

109. To God belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth, and to God all events are referred.

110. You are the best community that ever emerged for humanity: you advocate what is moral, and forbid what is immoral, and believe in God. Had the People of the Scripture believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are the believers, but most of them are sinners.

My Interpretation: 

This is a powerful message to Muhammad that many will not understand nor want to, but it is the truth. Those that continue to say they believe in God, but treat others unfairly in regards to religion, are lying. There is no escaping this reality. God is the Ultimate Reality, and the truth that we are united by One, is coming to surface (once again) though this middle aged man in the desert named Muhammad.

If people do not believe him, just as they did not believe the others, then they will experience the End Times as something not joyous. This is how I interpret these lines of “black and white” faces. I can see it in two different ways:

Literally-white faces means white light shining on them as Heaven’s gates is opened to them and this reality of God is experienced because the Angels save them from the dying world. And black faces means their faces are cast in shadows as something terrible and dark happens on earth, that causes their faces to be directed towards it. This reality will be experienced by those who have hid the truth, and have caused problems on earth. It could also mean the ashes and smoke, from the world being destroyed will “blacken” their faces. So the people who were evil, are literally chosen to be left behind to die in smoke and fire.

Abstractly-White face is to show a truth revealed and a joyous realization. Black face is to symbolize a darkened spirit, of sadness and remorse for what they have done when the truth is revealed.

Unfortunately in the quest to destroy Islam today, people have regarded these verses as “racist”, but clearly it is not talking about ethnicities of being black or white, it is talking about an experience that will happen to all people on this earth on the Last Days.

The true meaning, belongs to God. And remember how we interpret these texts or make sense of them, is how we are judged too. So be careful in what you get out of reading and make sure it is not coming from the filter of anger or hate from your own heart. God can see this.

Angel Gabriel is telling Muhammad, that the best of the community of people are those who see brotherhood and sisterhood in humanity. They are the true chosen ones and they are united through Islam, which isn’t a religion, or at least never should have been, it is a way of life to act and apply knowledge that all God’s people are equal and everyone should be treated kindly, allowing only God to judge between us.

Good people from all faiths turned towards the light of God, giving them brightly lit up, or “white” faces.