Surah Ali-Imran: Chapter 3 (line 130-140) The Family of Iram

130. O you who believe! Do not feed on usury, compounded over and over, and fear God, so that you may prosper.

131. And guard yourselves against the Fire that is prepared for the disbelievers.

132. And obey God and the Messenger, that you may obtain mercy.

133. And race towards forgiveness from your Lord, and a Garden as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the righteous.

134. Those who give in prosperity and adversity, and those who restrain anger, and those who forgive people. God loves the doers of good.

135. And those who, when they commit an indecency or wrong themselves, remember God and ask forgiveness for their sins-and who forgives sins except God? And they do not persist in their wrongdoing while they know.

136. Those-their reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever. How excellent is the reward of the workers.

137. Many societies have passed away before you. So travel the earth and note the fate of the deniers.

138. This is a proclamation to humanity, and guidance, and advice for the righteous.

139. And do not waver, nor feel remorse. You are the superior ones, if you are believers.

140. If a wound afflicts you, a similar wound has afflicted the others. Such days We alternate between the people, that God may know those who believe, and take martyrs from among you. God does not love the evildoers.

My Interpretation:

There is a sense of urgency in these words not from Muhammad. The idea that you can be a religious person, and buy forgiveness or not be kind to others is fallacy, and God calls upon it through his messengers.

The Angel is telling Muhammad to let the people know that IF they remain good, give to others, and believe in the messages, they will be rewarded with a life in the hereafter beyond our imagination. It is interesting that it is a garden promised to us to dwell inside of, when the garden of Eden was the one we fell out of at first. I have always believed we are just trying to get back to where we originally came from.

There is an equality and a justness described in these verses that could only come from a divine source. Societies that have not kept up with the righteous way of living now are nowhere to be found. Their civilizations don’t exist any longer of the ones who used to blood sacrifice to their deities and evoke strange spirits. They are a thing of the past as new creation is given a chance to thrive in their place.

Line 140 is a bit hard to understand, but what I believe Gabriel is trying to say is that both patience and victory will come to the believers in order to see if they remain faithful throughout their lives, or only through victories. The example is of someone ONLY believes to be blessed when the good things happen to him, and cursed when the bad things happen. A wise person who has pure faith will see that the good things are a blessing, and the bad things are a lesson, or a blessing in disguise. All come from God, and it all has it’s higher purpose. Your faith is weak if you only believe in God when things are going your way. It is the believers that still come to know and love God, even though tragedy befalls them that shows God the strength of your heart.