Surah An-Nisa : Chapter 4 (line 120-130) Women

120. He promises them, and he raises their expectations, but Satan promises them nothing but delusions.

121. These-their place is Hell, and they will find no escape from it.

122. But as for those who believe and do righteous deeds, We will admit them into gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will abide forever. The promise of God is true-and who is more truthful in speech than God?

123. It is not in accordance with your wishes, nor in accordance with the wishes of the People of the Scripture. Whoever works evil will pay for it, and will not find for himself, besides God, any protector or savior.

124. But whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, and is a believer-those will enter Paradise, and will not be wronged a whit.

125. And who is better in religion than he who submits himself wholly to God, and is a doer of good, and follows the faith of Abraham the Monotheist? God has chosen Abraham for a friend.

126. To God belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth, and God encompasses everything.

127. They ask you for a ruling about women. Say, “God gives you a ruling about them, and so does what is stated to you in the Book about widowed women from whom you withhold what is decreed for them, yet you desire to marry them, and about helpless children: that you should treat the orphans fairly.” Whatever good you do, God knows it.

128. If a woman fears maltreatment or desertion from her husband, there is no fault in them if they reconcile their differences, for reconciliation is best. Souls are prone to avarice; yet if you do what is good, and practice piety-God is Cognizant of what you do.

129. You will not be able to treat women with equal fairness, no matter how much you desire it. But do not be so biased as to leave another suspended. If you make amends, and act righteously-God is Forgiving and Merciful.

130. And if they separate, God will enrich each from His abundance. God is Bounteous and Wise.


My Interpretation: 

Satan wishes to delude us from the truth, while God points us towards the real reality. Men and women are equal under God, and this was very important to see during this time in Arabia since women were not treated in such a way all around the world. Here Islam is presenting the idea that women and men have no spiritual hierarchies and a believer, no matter the gender, will gain Heaven.

Whomever follows the first religion of Abraham and submits themselves to God, is following the right path that has been laid out by angelic messengers and human prophets chosen. Male or female, whomever who follows this path, are considered of the righteous.

Muhammad is being told that the people will ask about women and certain situations and Muhammad is told to let the people know that good treatment of women is very important. Widowed women need to be taken care of and not thrown away by society, and orphaned children need to be helped. This is ordained by God.

If a woman is being abused or feeling neglected then Gabriel is telling Muhammad to let the people know that reconcilement of these problems is seen best in the eyes of God. Souls can be drawn to material gain, so to always make sure piety and humility is established to not become so greedy. God knows what is done in secret and in show.  In polygamy it is known that men will not be able to give equal attention, but men are warned to not treat the women unfairly and not neglect one wife. If divorce is needed, then compensation needs to be equal to help both parties out.

Gabriel at this point is letting Muhammad know that God is the woman’s and children’s protector and will not let unjust harm be done to them any longer in the land. Muhammad is a warner of consequences if women and children are not treated fairly.

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