Surah An-Nisa : Chapter 4 (line 140-150) Women

140. He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear God’s revelations being rejected, or ridiculed, do not sit with them until they engage in some other subject. Otherwise, you would be like them. God will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers, into Hell, altogether.

141. Those who lie in wait for you: if you attain victory from God, they say, “Were we not with you?” But if the disbelievers get a turn, they say, “Did we not side with you, and defend you from the believers?” God will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection; and God will give the disbelievers no means of overcoming the believers.

142. The hypocrites try to deceive God, but He is deceiving them. And when they stand for prayer, they stand lazily, showing off in front of people, and remembering God only a little.

143. Wavering in between, neither with these, nor with those. Whomever God sends astray, you will never find for him a way.

144. O you who believe! Do not befriend disbelievers rather than believers. Do you want to give God a clear case against you?

145. The hypocrites will be in the lowest level of the Fire, and you will find no helper for them.

146. Except those who repent, and reform, and hold fast to God, and dedicate their religion to God alone. These are with the believers; and God will give the believers a great reward.

147. What would God accomplish by your punishment, if you have given thanks, and have believed? God is Appreciative and Cognizant.

148. God does not like the public uttering of bad language, unless someone was wronged. God is Hearing and Knowing.

149. If you let a good deed be shown, or conceal it, or pardon an offense-God is Pardoning and Capable.

150. Those who disbelieve in God and His messengers, and want to separate between God and His messengers, and say, “We believe in some, and reject some,” and wish to take a path in between.


My Interpretation: 

At this time in history, a disbeliever in God’s messages was a dangerous enemy to the believers. Muhammad is warned that these people who may seem like friends to them will stab them in the back in war, and so hypocrites and liars are seen as treacherous souls that will be punished in the End.

Someone who is not secure in faith, will be more about having the appearance of faith, than actual faith. There is no “half way” in religion. Gabriel is telling Muhammad to warn people that God can see right through an act, and looks for truth in deeds with faith. This is a good warning for ALL mankind, to let them know you can put on a big show for God, but the truth of the matter is what is really in your heart and mind that makes you a good believer.

Anyone who says that they believe in some of the messages. but not all is not a true believer, because they are picking out the parts of the Gospel or Quran that they wish, instead of following God’s guidance. With faith, it is all or nothing. Either you believe totally in all the messengers of God-Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and many others who have been spiritual teachers, or you don’t really believe in God. At this time in history, Jews were being told to believe in Moses, but not Jesus or Muhammad, and Christians were told by their priests to follow Jesus, but not any one else. This was wrong of them to separate religion like this.

It caused differences in people’s hearts and minds that other nations and cultures were not touched by God and created a nationalism in religion. But here in the Quran, we learn that God touches ALL mankind-rich, poor, black, arab, white…it does not matter. There has been a messenger for every nation and those who can’t see unity, don’t understand or have faith in the totality of God.

Moses, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha all come from the same source to guide mankind