What It’s Like to be Muslim in America

more interpretations will continue soon, but this is an important article…

The Muslim Times


Source: Cosmopolitan

By Mona Chalabi

Last June, Pew Research Center asked 3,217 people in the U.S. to rate members of each religion from 0 to 100; a score of 0 meant cold, negative sentiment and 100 meant warm, positive feelings. Muslims got an average score of 40. The only other group to get a similarly “cold” response were atheists, who also got a score of 40 on average.

But there’s a big difference between those two groups: just 0.9 percent of the American population identify as Muslim compared to 3 percent who describe themselves as atheist. That might not sound like much of a gap but the thing is, it’s easy to understand atheism on a spectrum of skepticism about God. And a lot of Americans are somewhere on that spectrum; almost 1 in 4 describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated (in addition to the 3 percent that say they’re atheist…

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