Surah Al-A’raf : Chapter 7 (line 110-120) the

110. “He wants to evict you from your land, so what do you recommend?”

111. They said, “Put him off, and his brother, and send heralds to the cities.”

112. “And let them bring you every skillful magician.”

113. The magicians came to Pharaoh, and said, “Surely there is a reward for us, if we are the victors.”

114. He said, “Yes, and you will be among my favorites.”

115. They said, “O Moses! Either you throw, or we are the ones to throw.”

116. He said, “You throw!” And when they threw, they beguiled the eyes of the people, and intimidated them, and produced a mighty magic.

117. And We inspired Moses: “Throw your staff.” And at once, it swallowed what they were faking.

118. So the truth came to pass, and what they were producing came to nothing.

119. There they were defeated, and utterly reduced.

120. And the magicians fell to their knees.

My interpretation: 

This is the story of Moses and the ancient Egyptians who held the Jews or Israelites as slaves. They believed Moses was trying to overthrow the Pharaoh, and take his land over, and so his magicians challenged Moses to a duel.

They threw down their magic that bewildered people (could be a snake they brought out not my magic, but by slight of hand tricks), but Moses was guided once again to use his staff to show the power of God, and it became a giant snake that ate whatever the magicians were faking with their illusions they created.

I have often thought of these tales as just stories, but as I think about the way Quantum Physics tells me that all matter is made of tiny particles, I can see how God did this. God our Creator manipulated matter from a snake to become an animal, because He is in charge of all things that are material and immaterial.

We are only given the gift of choice and freewill, but truly God could direct and create all things the way He sees fit. But the beauty of having a life that is not controlled and is in our hands, is something so wonderful from God. The punishment and consequence comes when someone oversteps the boundaries of their life to impede on others’ freedom to enjoy theirs. In this case the Pharaoh’s greed was impeding on the freedom of a whole group of innocent people.