How to Stop ISIS, Meaning of the Fifth Element, and Jesus’s Teachings: All In One Post.

I would say one of the major themes last night in the GOP debate was how to stop ISIS, and WW3 from happening.  It is an important one for those who want to see humanity progress, and not regress.

The problem with the “war on terror” is that it has caused the exact thing it wishes to eradicate. If you have ever seen the Fifth Element, one of my favorite movies of all time, you understand what I mean. There is a scene that shows the “Destroyer” planet that threatens to hit our earth and destroy all life as a dark mass of energy. Each time a missile was fired at it, it grew in size and got more aggressive advancing towards earth faster. It was explained as pure evil that feeds on evil.

This is how I see a group like ISIS in the Middle East. They are a militant group of men who have twisted the words of the Quran to exact revenge on Americans and its allies that they feel have destroyed their lives and land for many years. These people really have nothing being so war torn for so many years and this is their way of lashing out. Shooting or bombing ISIS hidden inside of muslim cities will only create the cycle of revenge further. They will pass their hate for America down to their sons, and their son’s sons, down to their son’s son’s sons…and so on.

What I believe has to happen is a honest dialogue between whoever is in charge of these ISIS groups and American leaders,  to show a desire to understand their perspectives.

The violence coming from the terrorists didn’t just happen one day, it has been something growing out of hatred, misunderstanding and quite honest-sadness and loss. They are angry and sad, a volatile combination. We should empathize with these people to try to understand why they attack us. I am not saying we should hug murderers, but we should become  brave enough  to communicate with them.

If they were true Muslims, they would cease fighting if we creased fighting.

If I was given the chance to be a leader of this country, I would sit down and have a real heart to heart with these people to see why they continue to do guerrilla attacks on American soil when the Quran promotes righteousness.  Concealed terrorists attacks aren’t righteous in any way. Though I would wear a bullet proof vest and have an army around me, I would not “carpet bomb” their headquarters without FIRST directly trying to come to an agreement or understanding of what they really want. My intuitive thought is they would say it is because we have been on their soil for many years. This is the main reason why ISIS can recruit those who carry anger in their hearts for America’s actions in the Middle East and we must stop giving them fuel for their fire of hatred.

It is such a complicated issue, but I do KNOW that if we continue to bomb, and gun down anyone we “think” are terrorist muslims, we will only further this war and to a point where it will continue to grow out of hand and cause the new generations to fight against each other. If you think America is an innocent bystander in the Middle East, you are blind and ignorant of history. As an American, I can admit this and I am not proud of it, but I don’t think terrorists are justified either. I am merely suggesting the idea that this is a case of cause and effect.

If we want to stop WW3 from happening, we need to look at the causes honestly and not start new fires with Russia or China, as one of the republican’s suggested.

It will take a lot from America to accept some of their wrongs they have done in the past to contribute to these wars, and to continue to pursue the courageous nature it wishes to have towards the world.

As an American, I believe in this great nation. Not as a police of the world, but as the innovators and pioneers of new frontiers. We can be that for others and show them a new way…perhaps a more peaceful freer way.

One of our greatest lessons from God seems to be that unfocused violence does not end violence and fires never put out fires. At one point America, we are going to have to be like water and soothe the flames we helped spark and be the leader in a new level of consciousness. We must never forget God in these wars, and maybe this involves forgiveness and compassion as Jesus once taught us?

Hate as energy just creates more hate energy. Someday we are going to have to all wake up to this fact. As we learn in the end of the Fifth Element movie, the Fifth Element is LOVE, a form of Life that forgives and moves forwards to create new beginnings. This was the ONLY way to combat the evil that threatened to destroy the earth in that movie, and is relative to how we can stop evil in real life.

Those that do not listen to sincere moves towards peace, will be judged by God. I have no doubt in my mind the terrorists will meet their consequences in the end, but while we are still alive, we should move towards trying to stop wars through understanding, not violence.

America, we are going to have to be the bigger person here and set an example for others or we may continue this cycle of suffering leading to WW3. 

The “Destroyer”of Life in the Fifth Element



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