Impressed with MOST of the Republican candidates

I must say after watching the Republican debate last night, I was pleasantly surprised at how open minded and level headed many of the republican debaters were tonight about Islam. They still don’t understand exactly what Islam is without extensively studying the Quran and being a muslim, but there were many times during the debate they distinguished between “peace loving muslims” and terrorists and called for Americans to not exclude these people from their rights. Thank God/Allah, it seems we are moving forwards to start to realize how we can all come together to create peace!

I will exclude Donald Trump from this praise since he truly has no clue what “muslim” means and doesn’t understand how you can’t go around asking if someone is a submitter to the Abrahamic God or not, then deport them or not let them into the country….it’s unconstitutional and well…it’s against God. I consider Trump uneducated in many areas of life and world religion is one of them. The other, in how the internet works.

Carson’s metaphor of bombing Syrian children to “opening up children’s heads” was quite chilling to hear and I didn’t quite like Cruz’s idea of “carpet bombing” a densely populated area in Syria.

But to Rubio, Rand, and Bush, I give a shout out to you as an American peace loving muslim who always believes we can fight terror with bringing the TRUE muslims in the front lines of war, and in the media more to promote what really Islam is about and to fight together against terrorism and radical groups, such as ISIS. The billions of other muslims who don’t see Islam in the same way ISIS do are the greatest ally to America, and many of the debaters are discovering that together we would be the greatest threat against terrorism and hate.