Law and Order: God as the Ultimate Judge.

I am watching the old Law and Order, “Tragedy on Rye” S13/Episode 04 right now and it is a very intense show on a politician’s need to throw his weight around promising the death penalty to a large blood thirsty audience. The problem in this episode is that three black men were accused of stealing a television, but could not be proven they did the shooting of an actress in her apartment. Nevertheless they were already pegged as guilty, to be put to death by lethal injection.

I have always known this mishap in justice, but I am convinced even more now as I watched one of the main female lawyers really be shaken up that three innocent men could be put death for a crime they did not commit. So if humans do the best that they can with the law and STILL don’t get the perfect truth, then how does it all equal out in the end?

I am right there with that lawyer, it breaks my heart that so much truth is effectively concealed on earth.

This is where God comes in at the end of our life, if you are innocent, but put to death or placed in jail, God will see this and raise you up to the life you were supposed to have. If you are guilty and you got away with murder, God also sees this. The punishment you escaped here on earth will NOT escape you in the afterlife.

It is comforting to know as I watch this show, that there is a Supreme Justice that reigns above the human judicial systems. It MUST or else this universe would fall apart by having no meaning or truth to hold it’s very atoms together. When atheists say God can not exist, then they are also saying LAW and ORDER do not exist. Because at the very core level, God is our Law and brings things to order in a way that humans simply can not.

We are not perfect. Our laws and policies are not perfect truth, and many innocent people are wrongly convicted all the time, as well as many guilty people get away with murder. We have so many unsolved murder cases in the world, who else do they think will finally solve them all? It is important to embrace something the Quran tries to tell mankind: God is perfect.

Nothing gets missed, or unbalanced in the end of our lives when we meet our creator. Our souls become full with the destiny and deeds we have produced just as much as our souls could become empty with the empty lives we live.

Every atom of good and bad will be accounted for, there is no hiding from God. God is our ultimate center or core of where we come from will show us the ultimate truth when we die. God is perfect Law and Order. Chaos is what humans create, and even though we try, we will never be able to create the perfect order and justice that God can.

We each have our personal judge that holds no bias and looks at the facts presented through our memories and consciousnesses. I love God for this, for the perfection He carries and the balance He will bring in the end to all the imbalance and injustice in the world. In the face of such perfection, I am honored to be judged by such a perfect Judge.