The Main Quality Required By God

I hope you are starting to see muslims in a 5dimensional light with my blog. Yes, I am posting personal interpretations of the Quran that called me to the path of Islam, but I am also showing stories, news articles, and inspired thoughts I have along the way. This is because during my understanding and growing spiritual awareness, I take everything in around my life and connect it together.

Some people make fun of me and tell me that I can’t connect everything together, but I have always been able to see the invisible shining lines that connect the dots to every situation.

This is one of those moments after I read a page in one of my new favorite books, “The Map of Heaven”, by Eben Alexander. This book details the out of body and near death experiences of heaven, personally, and through his investigations. I would like to provide a short excerpt from his book that connects to the Quran. One of the main messages that comes across to Muhammad is the most important quality a person can have is righteousness and honesty.

This is something many of us struggle with, because the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves…

Quran 29:3

But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars


“That’s also why the main quality required of us if we are to catch a glimpse of this zone while alive on earth is not great intellect, nor great bravery, nor great cunning, fine as those qualities are. What it takes is honesty. Truth can be approached in a thousand different ways. But because, as Plato himself said, like attracts like, what we need in order to apprehend truth more than anything else is to be truthful to ourselves, and honest about the goodness and waywardness that is at work inside us. On this, the voices as disparate as Buddha’s, Jesus’s, and Einstein’s are unanimous. Like understands like. The universe is based on love, but if we have no love in ourselves, the universe will be shut off from us. We will spend our lives triumphantly declaring that the spiritual world does not exist because we have failed to awaken the love in ourselves that alone will render this most obvious facts visible to us. You cannot come to truth dishonestly. You cannot come to it telling lies to yourself or to others. You can not come bringing only a superficial sliver of yourself, while your larger, deeper self is left behind. If you want to see all of heaven, you have to bring all of yourself, or else just stay home.”

~Dr. Eban Alexander, M.D-The Map of Heaven