Surah At-Tawbah: Chapter 9 (line 70-80) the Repentance

70. Have they not heard the stories of those before them? The people of Noah, and Aad, and Thamood; and the people of Abraham, and the inhabitants of Median, and the Overturned Cities? Their messengers came to them with the clear proofs. God never wronged them, but they used to wrong their own selves.

71. The believing men and believing women are friends of one another. They advocate virtue, forbid evil, perform the prayers, practice charity, and obey God and His Messenger. These-God will have mercy on them. God is Noble and Wise.

72. God promises the believers, men and women, gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever, and fine homes in the Gardens of Eden. But approval from God is even greater. That is the supreme achievement.

73. O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Their abode is Hell-what a miserable destination!

74. They swear by God that they said nothing; but they did utter the word of blasphemy, and they renounced faith after their submission. And they plotted what they could not attain. They were resentful only because God and His Messenger have enriched them out of His grace. If they repent, it would be best for them; but if they turn away, God will afflict them with a painful punishment-in this life and in the Hereafter-and they will have on earth no protector and no savior.

75. Among them are those who promised God: “If He gives us of His bounty, we will donate and be among the upright.”

76. But when He has given them of His bounty, they became stingy with it, and turned away in aversion.

77. So He penalized them with hypocrisy in their hearts, until the Day they face Him-because they broke their promise to God, and because they used to lie.

78. Do they not know that God knows their secrets and their conspiracies? And that God is the Knower of the unseen?

79. Those who criticize the believers who give charity voluntarily, and ridicule those who find nothing to give except their own efforts-God ridicules them. They will have a painful punishment.

80. Whether you ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them-even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, God will not forgive them. That is because they disbelieved in God and His Messenger. God does not guide the immoral people.

My interpretation: 

There is a sense of urgency building in Gabriel’s words. Can you feel it too? There is glad tidings for those who are open minded enough to receive the revelations from God to start to get back on track, pray to one God, give to others in need, and just be a generally good person.

Their home after this one will be a spiritual paradise where they will live without regrets and can be in bliss. They will have reached the end of their lesson they were sent here to learn, just as Adam was in the beginning. They have established a soul fullness inside that will bring them to Heaven and the original spiritual bliss we came from. Whether it be a physical space experienced in our consciousness like a dream, or an experience unlike we can even imagine, the believers will get all that they deserve.

The disbelievers that have a coldness in their heart and can not open their mind or eyes to the signs given will be stuck in their own cycle of Hell. There will be no savior for them, because they do not accept the saving. They will remain isolated until they find their way back to God on their own by hard work and determination to make a change within. They plot and they scheme and God sees it all. It brings the punishment closer to their reality.

The last line is very true. You can pray or not pray for a disbeliever in God, but they must come to God themselves. No soul can be a substitution for another. We are unique sparks of life and spiritual beings from God. We each have our own journey that we design by the choices we make. What you do matters to your life, and what they do matters to theirs.

Our lives are much like clay. As we mold it, it becomes something and can change in an instant by the small movement of your fingers or hands. You can make something unsightly and ugly, that falls apart and does not hold anything inside, or you can create something beautiful and strong that allows you to fill it.

What will you create?