The Hard Truth.

There is a terrible epidemic right now in the world. Mainly it has been happening through manipulation of the entertainment, media and new age spirituality we are in. Heaven is not a given.

What is most wrong with the world, is that many lazy, greedy, and evil people have been lied to…and they did it to themselves. Heaven is not a place where you will go to after you are done here. It is a state of consciousness. God didn’t create us in heaven, then give us life to walk around and just enjoy and learn. He did do this with the first intent upon creation. But then humans showed, through the first prototype of Adam, that they were subject to greed, laziness, and evil and a preordination to follow their own desires-not God’s. So we are here to learn. Not as a punishment, but to study hard and reach a sense of accomplishment.

So this is the hard truth, that I myself have come upon in my observance of the world. I asked God to see this and it is not easy. I too have to look at myself everyday and see if I go to bed with a person that I can be happy with. Many people in the world have been lied to by Satan’s minions that they don’t have to do anything while here and they just automatically go back to being angels with God.


Wrong. And dead wrong. We are here to work and to learn. We fell from the state of bliss consciousness and now we have to earn our right as a species and as individuals to come back to God. In a way, I do believe in reincarnation because we may be sent back to keep learning until we get it right and then can finally rest. To be honest, that sounds a little bit like hell to me.

It is HARD down here on earth. There are many beautiful moments because this earth came from a perfect source, but don’t for once be fooled into thinking this is just a temporary playground to frolic around and do what you want. This is a school to learn valuable lessons of love, giving, humility, honesty, and trust in our Creator. If you don’t study hard and treat this life as valuable resource to absorb all the knowledge you need to stand before God and say “now I am ready to fly with the angels”, then you will fall back down.

So mankind! Stand up straight. Mind your manners. Use your brain given. Please be kind to each other. Give to others who have less than you, you don’t need it anyways in the end of your journey. Fill your soul with good deeds, and make your heart light with God’s love. Cause it is time, there is no fooling around any longer. Our species has gotten too old mentally and spiritually now to act like this, and I hate to say this, but we are running out of time to prove ourselves as a species. Only individuals have deemed and redeemed themselves worthy of bliss, these are the ones we quote and admire. They are also the ones that God knows tries while nobody sees. So look at yourselves honestly. Time to be honest with ourselves, or remain forever lost. We all can get there, we just need to try.


Wake up world and really learn how to fly. Put the effort in, and you will really soar high.