We Can All Stop ISIS Right Now.

Yes, this is the truth. We all have the power to stop ISIS right now if we really wanted to. It starts first with everyone getting on the same page. Americans and others around the world calling for extermination of Muslims, need to go read the Quran, OR simply follow my blog, OR any other muslim who speaks about the Quran and interprets it. But to be honest, the best way to educate yourself is to read it yourself. I know..it’s 500 pages, but trust me. It’s a page turner. Soon as it gets to the End of the Universe, it will have you by the seat of your pants and you won’t want to put it down.

I read the Quran in 48 hours the first time reading it. I could not stop.

After everyone removes their ignorance and carries knowledge with them, then Americans and others who have the knowledge given to them can all start to speak out against ISIS being a FASLE FORM of ISLAM. We can all take away their power and show the error of their interpretation by banding together in one large group.

Through using the weapon of using truth and education, we can actually stop ISIS in their tracks. But it must be on a massive scale so that there is no more “islamphobia”, now it is simply a revealing of the truth.

These terrorists would lose all power because now we would all know the truth, and could no longer persecute against Islam, but rather look at the individuals and in turn make them take a deeper look at themselves.

If they were really muslims, then they would fear what God thought of them and their actions in the face of other’s peaceful ones.

Are you ready to let the truth free worldwide?