Why I Will Celebrate Christmas as a Muslim.

Today, I am getting ready to go to a Christmas party held at my best friend’s house. As an American muslim, this tradition has been around me all my life and if you grew up in an open minded household you learn to respect other’s holidays and traditions. I luckily did grow up in one.

We have a tree, give presents and enjoy yummy holiday treats. Why not? It is a time to share with those closest to you and to strangers. Islam is all about providing the bridge that connects people to each other after so long of being divided. As a muslim, I am fiercely fighting to unite what was divided by greedy and ignorant men of the past and present within religion. My weapon of choice is love and education.

Through the Quran, muslims are told how important it is to give to others and to share the wealth. We are told to be kind and be righteous in our thoughts. Well, during the Christmas season there is no other time when people are kind to each other than this time. There are boxes to donate toys to children who are orphans and poor in shelters at Walgreens, and I donated a few barbie dolls I’ve collected just the other day. There are red cross pots to put in dollars for the poor and hungry with a pleasant worker standing in a Santa suit outside of a grocery store. I love Christmas and I love Jesus. I believe in Jesus and love him as a muslim as another prophet sent down to humans by God as a mercy to mankind.

Jesus was the divinely created human catalyst for the world to start to worship one God and to end hoarding of wealth and greed. He was a teacher and inspires me everyday, as I ask W.W.J.D in this situation?

No, I don’t worship Jesus directly. I pray to God just as Jesus did in the gardens of Gethsemane when he knew the Romans were coming to arrest him for preaching peace and starting a form of revolution that never quite ended. But I do love him as a soul from God, that brought a lasting faith to people.

Perhaps Christmas isn’t exactly the time of his birth as the “Zeitgeist’ movie pointed out, but the meaning behind it is there for me. It is a time of celebration of those special to you and to strangers on the street out in the cold. You show kindness in gift gifting and love to others in gratitude for them being part of your journey during the year just as Jesus did at one time in history.

Yes, muslims have Eid which is celebrated in a similar way as a time when the Quran came down to Muhammad, so I have two times a year where I celebrate a wonderful holiday with friends and family. God knows my heart, and knows that with accepting Christmas, I am not accepting the old pagan idea of Jesus or Santa. God knows that I celebrate out of joy and love for those around me in America.

I hope my post can reach others and show that it never has to be one or the other when dealing with higher intentions to make peace on earth.