Drown Out the Hate With Love.

I will drown out their hate with my love.

I will keep inspired from up above. 

To speak against those that leave negative comments about muslims.

Though, I will do it to show them I don’t hate them back.

But instead, I am pleading for them to understand what’s going on in Iraq.

And in Palestine, and Syria…things are getting serious for little children and innocent people.

I hope to show that muslims are not as different as others with faith.

And teach what makes a person love and a person hate,

Depends on the god that they follow.

The god terrorists follow is called their own anger and ego. 

They can’t seem to understand the God that is fair and just, and only says we can kill in direct defense of our lives if we must. 

But these beheadings that have been televised aren’t the acts of muslims.

Cause to be a muslim, you must be a submitter. 

A submitter to the God above, as Jesus was as he laid down his life. 

A submitter to God as Moses was when he was up against the Pharaoh. 

A submitter to all things just and right in this world. 

God gave us the Quran, as He has given to every nation a guide.

It’s time to wake up and see the politicians and media lied.

Cause it creates so much money to keep these wars growing inside.