God Loves the Sincere.

We wear a mask to cover the scars.

The scars of the hurts and the pains given by others.

Was it your father, mother or brother who made you feel so bad?

Was it the boy in 5th grade that you liked, who didn’t write you back?

Was it the girl that broke your heart by walking in on her with another man?

Take all these memories, and store them away. Light a candle and ignite a flame.

Blow all those wrongs away. They aren’t attached to you any longer. They aren’t yours to ponder.

Let your mind rest. Know there is no real time, future or past.

All we know for sure is we have now.

So take off that mask and let others see the scars that are slowly healing. Looking for a glance of trust and love, waiting for that sign from above.

Take off that mask and let it fall…and embrace the all.

All the dimensions, all the levels of experiences, all the lessons, all the gifts.

They were yours to learn how to take off that mask and let your authentic self shine.

Bringing true love to reflect long awaited dreams that were due in time.