Jinns in the Quran.

The Jinns Are Here

The demons hide in wait. They wait for you to feel your best, and rip the heart right out of your chest.

They reverse things in your mind making you feel ugly, stupid, wrong, or bad.

They give you a run for the light as they spook you with the shadows that make you sad.

They live online in plenty. They feed off positive self expression. They hope to squash your dreams and make you scream.

They laugh as you hate them. They smile as you berate them. They are the shadows amongst humans waiting to bite.

To suck all of your energy out of your life. They feed off other’s pains and leave no gains for others.

They take. They rape. They destroy your feelings and dreams.

I have met many demons while trying to find the light. If you do not give into their rage as they pull you into their abyss, I promise..

You will be freed. Floating weightless in space with clarity of mind. Beautiful creatures all abound.

Demons are all around. But in light of faith, they are never to be found.