Justin Bieber is a believer. Now I am a fan.

I thought this was an interesting parallel to Islam and since my blog is to show how a Muslim’s faith is the same as a Christian’s, and a Jew’s, etc…then here is my chance to show you with Justin Bieber’s new change.

Let me tell you, I was surprised too. I am a mature woman with indie music tastes never thinking I would become one of Justin’s supporters, but here I am writing a blog to show the power of God and how faith brings changes to people.

I am late. I know. I was sitting in the car going to the Christmas party yesterday and I hear his song “What Do You Mean”, and I asked my boyfriend who it was. He wasn’t sure, but said a vague..”it’s an old song now, and I think it’s Justin Bieber.” I was shocked and sure enough I “Shazamed” that song and my jaw fell.

Although Justin is only 21, his growth and transformation is starting to become apparent to people. His songs are becoming more meaningful and he has said in interviews that the reason he acted so rudely and like a young kid, is because he didn’t know how to handle his place of fame and glory. So he lashed out like all kids that don’t know what to do with frustrations. I believe him when he says this, as a teacher. Also as we learned from Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, the music industry takes a lot out of you, squeezing your soul to make millions for them. It’s hard on a musician these days.

It comes to surface that Justin is actually a Christian brother to me as a muslim, and used his faith and feelings of a higher purpose in changing his “tune”. I must say, I love almost all his songs on his new CD “Purpose” and will be keeping my eye on his new music in the future. He lifted my head towards his direction as an artist, as God lifted his head to the sky. I bet his lyric, “you give me purpose” in one of his songs is about God. More on that in this article: http://www.theverge.com/2015/11/13/9730592/justin-bieber-one-direction-purpose-new-albums

Now…he just needs to find a way to balance the demands of the music industry and his soul. Let’s hope he can keep this path and gain more followers of his music, while he uses his talent to spread positive messages from now on.

Justin is using his talents to talk about important things and give hope to a new generation now. Let’s hope he keeps it up. Inshallah.