Milgrim and the Islam connection: Where those violent verses in the Quran come from.


Just finished watching the powerful movie, “The Experimenter”.  While some question his methods, I must say he brought a level of awareness into the world that would not have happened without his social experiments.

Stanley Milgrim showed the idea of obedience to authority and the negative effects it may have on society to create such horrible things as the genocides in history. He was Jewish with a past being part of the Holocaust and so his drive to discover the cause was courageous and forthright.

He shows through his blind experiments that people tend to follow orders from those in charge no matter the consequences to the other person being subjected to the abuse. His experiments have shown a downfall within society that create many sheeps, and few herders. But on the flipside, it shows that humans are very compassionate and empathic creations that feel for others in pain and suffering.

He raised the eyebrows of critics who missed the point that Milgrim made an effort to show the part of human beings to be worked on. It is always guided by God to stand up against what is wrong in the world. Through the Quran, you see this message throughout. The Mecca leaders were doing terrible things to the people. They created 300 gods and goddesses, and made up laws in ignorance and arrogance. They prayed to empty stone statues in the Kabbah and caused the people to bury their daughters in the sand alive, to provide them wealth and good blessings for the year. But no one stood up to them until Muhammad went into a cave and received inspiration.

This shows that since long ago people have been under the influence of cruel leadership and had a hard time standing up to them. They lack the resources to and many times the conviction within to do so. The Quran brought that conviction to the muslims. This is where the violent verses come from- a necessity for life to survive.

God prescribed war within the Quran only to create peace for the future. Gabriel tells Muhammad that it is obligation to God to stand up to the wrongs and injustices in the world, and it is considered evil to do nothing while others suffer at the hands of those in charge.

Stanley Milgrim showed this and made us aware that even hundreds of years later, we still struggle to stand up in our convictions. But with faith and passion, we can achieve much to stand up together against the evil.

The first step was the awareness of the wrongs and then a warning in the Quran to Muhammad and the people. The second step was to do something to liberate themselves and others from this evil. That’s where these violent verses come from, and what they did for the world later on.

Terrorists and imams who take these words out of context are called transgressors. They transgress the limits given to them. Since we know that terrorism against innocent civilians is not a form of righteous battle, this is where we must all learn the difference between standing up for what is right and using religion as an excuse to create chaos and division in the world. This is what all of us muslims must start to stand up to.