Surah At-Tawbah: Chapter 9 (line 110-120) the Repentance

110. The structure which they built will remain questionable in their hearts, until their hearts are stopped. God is Knowing and Wise.

111. God has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for Paradise. They fight in God’s way, and they kill and get killed. It is a promise binding on Him in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Quran. And who is more true to his promise than God? So rejoice in making such an exchange-that is the supreme triumph.

112. Those who repent, those who worship, those who praise, those who journey, those who kneel, those who bow down, those who advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and those who keep God’s limits-give good news to the believers.

113. It is not for the Prophet and those who believe to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they are near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are people of Hellfire.

114. Abraham asked forgiveness for his father only because of a promise he had made to him. But when it became clear to him that he was an enemy of God, he disowned him. Abraham was kind and clement.

115. God would never lead a people astray, after He had guided them, until He makes clear to them what they should guard against. God has knowledge of all things.

116. To God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He gives life, and He causes death. And besides God, you have neither protector, nor supporter.

117. God has redeemed the Prophet, and the Emigrants, and the Supporters-those who followed him in the hour of difficulty-after the hearts of some of them almost swerved. Then He pardoned them. He is Kind towards them, Compassionate.

118. Also towards the three who were left behind. Then, when the earth, as vast as it is, closed in on them, and their very souls closed in on them, and they realized that there was no refuge from God, except in Him, He redeemed them, so that they may repent. God is the Redeemer, the Merciful.

119. O you who believe! Be conscious of God, and be with the sincere.

120. It is not for the inhabitants of Medina and the Desert-Arabs around them to stay behind the Messenger of God, nor to prefer themselves to him. That is because they never suffer any thirst, nor fatigue, nor hunger in the cause of God, nor do they take one step that enrages the disbelievers, nor do they gain anything from an enemy, but it is recorded to their credit as a righteous deed. God does not waste the reward of the righteous.

My interpretation: 

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that those who use religion for the wrong purpose will have doubt in their hearts about faith and God, and will be accounted for in the end when their hearts eventually stop beating.

God works through the actions of people in order to move the world forwards. This is what Gabriel is trying to tell Muhammad that as people fight the evil in the world, this is doing God’s Will. We will get into the verses that show the cruelty of the pagan religious leaders and why  their traditions needed to be stopped. Of course if they stopped and started to believe in what Muhammad was teaching, there would be no wars. But that is not how humans work. Each want what they want and they sometimes kill when their power is threatened. So Muhammad and the muslims must defend themselves and the world against this evil.

But as always God IS Merciful, so if these pagans repented and started to follow the advice from Muhammad and pray and give wealth equally to the people…then God is all Knowing of who is a true believer and who is not.

Muhammad and the muslims can not pray for the pagans of Mecca if they don’t change themselves. There is no soul that substitutes the work of another soul. That’s not how consciousness works. And Abraham’s father did not believe and Abraham as close as he was to him, could not help him or change his pagan belief system even though he asked forgiveness for him. But when Abraham saw that he was an enemy of God he disowned his father because at one point his father tried to have him stoned to death. Abraham did not do this out of evil, he was kind and forgiving, but his father just would never accept the true reality.

Line 115, God never leads people astray if they truly follow their faith and their heart. It is only a punishment of those without belief to drift further and further away from God because they choose to and they become cursed in life unable to see the spiritual beauty of God. God knows who to guide and who to not, because He knows who will listen and who will not.

God is dominion over all things. As much as we believe we are free souls, we are extensions of this source. God controls both life and death in a natural way. Unnatural deaths like murders and such are regarded as choices that God allows to happen because He allows us to transgress on our own free will showing what kind of energy we are at the core. Are we rebellious to God, or do we go with the natural flow of the universe? Besides God, there is ultimately no one to protect or support you since humans are fallible and can be unreliable concerned with their own lives. God will always be there when you seek for Him.

Line 117, really shows that you can make a mistake with disbelief and doubt, but if you pull yourself out of that darkness and come into the light believing in God, this is when you are pardoned. There were three men who were left behind Muhammad when he was traveling to battle the Mecca armies pillaging their villages. They stayed behind, and felt the guilt hit them that was described as the earth was closing in around them and their souls. So they realized their wrongs and reached a realization about God. God forgave them and made them pure again.

The last line is to show Muhammad that the people who have followed him and not been arrogant, they have had all provisions given to them and never lost their faith. They also don’t transgress limits, and don’t enrage the disbelievers of Mecca to create anger. They also don’t take from the Mecca leaders anything in exchange for their faith, and God sees them do these good deeds. They will receive the good they did, back. Karma is real. Good energy given out always comes back to you in return, because God is fair and just always.