I Am Being Harassed Online.

Hello friends,

I write this post so that if anything EVER happens to me, the police or investigators know where to look and what the real truth is. And you do too. I really don’t want to be an alarmist, but I have attracted a lot of attention trying to help bring peaceful understanding. Some do not want that in the world, believe it or not.

There is something extremely evil going on, as the Quran suggests-there are humans AND jinns that will be put into Hell at the end times. They have followed Satan’s path down here and have made mischief on earth. Being a truth seeker, I have seen the darkness in life, that has shown me the light. Right now because I am trying to show more God in the world, and unity and interconnection between all people-I am getting a MAJOR backlash by the dark side.

I have a youtube channel called IndigoVoice82, and I am quite expressive on the internet through facebook, and other online forums trying to get people to see another side of Islam and God. Three groups of people are after me, and those who think like me and take action like me. So not only is this a post for my security, it is also a “headsup” to others who are doing the same thing as me. You know, trying to bring more peace and love into the world.

Three Groups Bothering Me Right Now:

1.Extremist male Arab (from Africa or Saudi Arabia) “muslims”, I can tell by their names in profiles. I quote the muslim part because I do not think they are at all in touch with God, cause if they were they would NEVER harass, threaten and harm anyone that did not lift a finger towards them. I am an American muslim woman and they constantly comment on my videos that I am “going to Hellfire for not wearing a hijab”, “insulting the prophet”, “not knowing how to interpret the Quran without knowing Arabic”…blah blah…etc. They have threatened me indirectly and directly calling me a “heretic” and “satanist”. One man who called me those things on youtube is: Ousamma Trimakus, oddly enough he speaks French-so he is a French “muslim” that is an extremist towards women and Islam and his profile implies a “we” so his profile headline says this: “we are fighting for a world free of poverty and injustice is our goal in this world”.

I don’t know if they are part of the Muslim Brotherhood, or what, but they could not be further from the truth. These men like him are Hadith followers that imply stricter Shira Law on Islam and they do not like the intelligent muslims starting to take a deeper look at the Hadiths and seeing the discrepancies behind them. Not entirely sure WHY they are so against those muslims who push to get back to the Quran, to stop looking at “gossip” about what the prophet may or may not have said 200 yrs after he died called the Hadiths that were written by a variety of men. But their intentions are clear to me: keep Islam divided spiritually and mentally. They are stuck in their old archaic ways of male domination in the 600AD when the Quran was first written. They do not like strong, independent muslim woman to speak out like me.  And they have been harassing me for many years. One of the KEY reasons, I do not open the comment section on my blog is to keep it pure of them.


2. Second group of people harassing me is Hasbara Trolls,  https://whitewraithe.wordpress.com/a-guide-to-hasbara-trolls/. These men want to show Islam in the WORST light possible because there is a war going on. They are working for a section of the government of Israel that wishes to propagate the war and make all muslims look bad. They hate the fact that I am trying to not only make muslims look peaceful and good, but they hate the fact that I am ALSO trying to bridge connections between other world religions like the Jews and Christians, to show the unity inside our perceived diversity . They do not like me and often times have spoken against me on facebook, and youtube. They have threatened me and called me horrible names in private messages and on youtube. They ARE NOT JEWS, they are zionists. Jews to me are those good people who follow the tenants of the Torah and Moses’s commandments. There is no way that these people are Jewish spiritually. They may be by blood, or bloodlines, but they are forgetting some of the major tenants of the being Jewish is being humble and kind to those who are your fellow beings.

3. Third group of people that harass me are atheists. These people want to only show religion in the WORST light because they believe a world without God and religion is a peaceful one. I advocate for more spiritual connection to God, and a change in religion to become the original Islam that the Quran guides mankind, and they do not see that. I have atheist friends and many of them don’t impose their beliefs on others, but there are some that have followed the darker path just as there are religious people who have followed the darker path. And they live online in plenty to keep their agenda moving forwards as extremist atheists.

It’s about balance in the world. I can see the “Middle Way” very clearly that allows me to hang out with different people of different backgrounds. Of course I always keep God in my heart, but I am not extreme about it to the point where I enforce my beliefs on others. I have seem to really PISS off the extremists on both sides of non religion and religion.

I pray and hope nothing happens to me of course, but my computer has already been hacked into so my camera does not work and I can not make anymore videos for now. I have also seen strange activity on my youtube channel and have attracted a few people from these groups on my videos. I know some even read my blog, but they will never be able to comment. So just in case something does and they create a sensational story around me to cover up all my work, then please remember this post and share it with others.

I will also leave a note about this in my journal and hidden in my house so that if anything happens to this blog, the good cops investigating can discover what really happened in the future to this young woman. I am going to open up comments on this forum in case anyone has valuable info to give me to help me in this situation. I just don’t want to be another statistic or martyr for the truth. I have a lot of life to live yet, but bringing peace to minds and understandings to heart is something I have been preparing myself to die for, if I need to.

OK..no more scary posts like this unless I really need to warn people  and give exact info to help others. I will keep moving forwards and hope that my guardian angels will protect me and those I love against their evil schemes. Thank you for you taking the time to read this and please share with others so they are aware. I feel many times you can stop things from happening by becoming aware of them.

I did tag the different FBI, and police in this post so their computer “spiders” can search this blog post, if they ever need to see it in the future.

Salaam ❤


When you are a warrior of the light, the darkness eventually finds you.









  1. Selective Thoughts · December 26, 2015

    I hear you, keep up with the message. Some who don’t want to hear often lashes out.


    • quranangel · December 26, 2015

      Thank you Selective Thoughts! Your encouragement is very meaningful to me. I received a bunch of threats on my video all at once. So I just wanted to leave post inside my blog, before I forgot.

      I do think these harassers are far from finding me, I am not completely paranoid, but I am a realist and just wanted to cover myself. It’s not enough to make a report to the police, but online harassment happens a lot these days and the strange thing is I blocked this one guy on my YouTube Channel that I named, but he is still able to post comments 😦

      But like you said, many do not like the truth being let out. Thanks for following me and being here 🙂

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  2. dancingpalmtrees · December 27, 2015

    I just recently discovered your blog and as a Christian Woman I Love what you have to say. I too explore many religions. I believe there is one God with many pathways. I have learned so much from my Muslim co-workers and have been richly blessed by them. I am alarmed that evil people want to cause you harm. I will pray God’s protection around you, that the Lord’s Angels with be with you everywhere you go! Be Blessed my SiStar and Keep Speaking Out!! I am praying the Bible Scripture that No weapon formed against you shall prosper. May the Lord make your enemies your footstool. Amen!

    Liked by 2 people

    • quranangel · December 27, 2015

      Thank you my Christian sister for your support! I am so glad you read my posts. You are the type of Christian the Quran talks about in the Quran..someone who can go beyond labels and see the inner connection. Salaam to you! I believe we are unfortunately in dangerous times right now for those who speak out alot. We are being watched all the time online, and I am not sure what drives a person to harass, but I was prepared for this to happen. I am just hoping and praying people can see I am trying to build bridges instead of high walls. Maybe one day they will wake up too…I can only hope. Thank you for your prayers and concern. Salaam (peace) to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. dancingpalmtrees · December 27, 2015

    Yes so sad. But there are extremists in every religion. The Ku Klux Klan, the Neo-Nazis and the Christian Identity movement all claim to be Christians but as we know from their past & current history they are build on racism, bias & bigotry and bent on killing anyone who is not white or their definition of Christian. Idiots like Donald Trump stir up trouble and hatred. He instills fear and fear makes people side with evil. Hitler murdered Jewish people and forced them to wear yellow stars. Trump wants the govt to tag Muslims or refuse them entrance into the U.S. Some Conservatives and Republicans want to put Muslims in camps like what happened to Japanese-Americans during World War II. Sadly some of our elected leaders react to fear tactics. Now most of the mass murders in America are committed by crazed white men ie the nutcase who shot 9 Black people in a church Bible Study or the fool who killed all those elementary school children a few Decembers ago. Should we ban all white males? No logic. You can’t paint an entire race or religion with a wide brush just because of the actions of a few. Sometimes I think that the whole world is going crazy. Folks like you are the Voice of Reason.

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  4. khansana1000 · December 28, 2015

    Will pray for your safety Sister 🙂 indeed some people don’t like peace and peace makers and that is why they are bothering you. May Allah protect you !

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  5. claire · December 28, 2015

    Sadly persecution often accompanies those that try to “live Godly” regardless of their faith, but God watches over His own and those that sincerely seek Him to deliver them. I pray He will watch over you.
    Personally I am a Christian, but have worked with friends from many different faiths and backgrounds to try to make this world a better place in our own little ways. The Bible says “God is love.” Thus I am a sister to anyone in whom I see the spirit of God (love) working regardless of religion. May he keep you safe under the shadow of His wings.

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  6. Tima · June 28, 2018

    I’ve met many shamans and mystics, and starseeds but never a mystic muslim starseed. Every time I dipped my toe into these things I was afraid I was committing shirk/going down the wrong path. Lately all he intuitive people I’ve met have told me i’m meant to be an Energy Healer. Glad to know that its all following the same path & it compliments each other. Lots of love & thank you for all you do. Salaam

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