A New Year. A New World. Let’s Awake.

This New Year Resolution list isn’t JUST for myself cause really I have been on a path of transformation that is moving forward without the stroke of midnight tomorrow.  I will keep working at my own flaws, I am constantly reinventing myself and trying to improve myself almost to an obsession. I will work on me more, I promise.

But I hope that in 2016, we will see a new vision of each other as people emerge. I am aware like Gandhi said that if I want to see change in the world, I need to become that change. So I will keep working on myself, and here’s the things I would love to see in 2016 from others:

  • More people take up the responsibility of speaking out against unjust and corrupt systems. This can be done through blogging, facebook, letters, protests, emails and phone calls. It can be peaceful, but we need to let those in charge know that we the people are ready for a change.
  • Wars put on a temporary hold for the soldiers and people overseas who are dying by the hand full. Matters need to be revisited and looked at from other perspectives. It also will give a chance for the people to see what each side really wants and how to achieve both.
  • More people read the Quran and see the verses are not as violent as they are being portrayed as instead of blindly following the news and Sam Harris. There is WAY too much “Islamphobia” today, and I hope we can start to move past the fear. Not only the Quran, but maybe read everyone’s religious books to learn more and get rid of ignorance of other’s cultures and belief structures.
  • People need to take a look at their fellow beings who are sleeping on the street and try to help them with anything they can (extra food, water, shelter, money). I think we all can do a little bit better this year. I know I can, and will keep looking for ways to help those in desolate situations. Everyone should have shoes on their feet with a Payless shoe store around the U.S…maybe we can all pitch in a few dollars for shoes when we see a homeless shoeless person? I don’t know. It’s just a thought.
  • I want to see people get in touch with their sentimental nature and sensitive side more. I feel a lot of problems in society are happening because of the repressive nature of society to our emotions. Let’s stop hurting each other and see what is causing our own pain. Don’t be afraid to go within to heal the past, this year.
  • More animals being taken better care of, this hunting of wild exotic animals NOT used for food, but only for sport, needs to stop. Since when did it become fun to take a living  being’s life?
  • Abuse of children, spouses, animals need to STOP. We need to start to see that as we hurt others, we in turn our hurting our own selves…and souls. The suffering that we cause others will be done back to ourselves. More people need to wake up to this.

We can’t change the presidential candidates and the systems that control us, but we can change what we as people do for one another. Let’s create a new year that is better for all of us equally!