Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 50-60) Jonah

50. Say, “Have you considered? If His punishment overtakes you by night or by day, what part of it will the guilty seek to hasten?”

51. “Then, when it falls, will you believe in it? Now? When before you tried to hasten it?”

52. Then it will be said to those who did wrong, “Taste the torment of eternity. Will you be rewarded except for what you used to do?”

53. And they inquire of you, “Is it true?” Say, “Yes, by my Lord, it is true, and you cannot evade it.”

54. Had every soul which had done wrong possessed everything on earth, it would offer it as a ransom. They will hide the remorse when they witness the suffering, and it will be judged between them equitably, and they will not be wronged.

55. Assuredly, to God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Assuredly, the promise of God is true. But most of them do not know.

56. He gives life and causes death, and to Him you will be returned.

57. O people! There has come to you advice from your Lord, and healing for what is in the hearts, and guidance and mercy for the believers.

58. Say, “In God’s grace and mercy let them rejoice. That is better than what they hoard.”

59. Say, “Have you considered the sustenance God has sent down for you, some of which you made unlawful, and some lawful?” Say, “Did God give you permission, or do you fabricate lies and attribute them to God?”

60. What will they think-those who fabricate lies and attribute them to God-on the Day of Resurrection? God is bountiful towards the people, but most of them do not give thanks.

My interpretation: 

Muhammad is told to tell the people that when the time comes for the truth to be revealed, it could be too late by then to believe. So faith is asked of people before the Last Days. The people who have done pure evil on earth to others and made their lives miserable will taste the torments they have give. It is karma and a natural consequence of evil actions.

If the people ask Muhammad if what he warns about is true, he is to tell them that what the people receive back from their deeds can not be avoided. It is all seen by God and will be shown to them of what they do, both good and bad. If you are a good person who gives to others freely, you will experience the rewards of doing good. If you are an evil person that harms others, you also will experience back what you have done.

Line 54 shows that the truth will be shown to those who did wrong and they will finally see the suffering they caused. They will wish to free themselves from this now knowing the truth with all their “things”collected, but it is too late in death. They will try to give up the wealth that they hoarded while others died, after they see the suffering they caused and finally know the truth. They have already lived a life full of empty value and evil towards others. They will hide their remorse for others’ suffering, but they will be seen. They can not hide. Their judgement will be equal to the amount of good or bad they put out into the world. Everything is fair and just and nobody will be wronged when the Judgement day arrives.

Everything is from God. Life and death is from God according to what is in the Plan that only He can see. This Quran is advice, healing and a warning to the people that acts as a “third” chance for mankind since the warnings came from the other religious texts already. The Quran is the third and the last because there is nothing new to be known. You reap what you sow, and religious leaders can not substitute that with their teachings.

Line 58 shows that people should rejoice at the revelations of the Quran and see more value to it than the materials and things they hoard. Muhammad is then to challenge those who altered the first commandments of God and to call them out for fabricating ideas about God’s words.

There is a warning to those who fabricate God’s words, that they will be judged for what they have done. The people who have consciously altered religion to fit their needs will not experience Heaven, Muhammad is to warn them to get back on track to what was the original words of God. In the Quran is the original words as another mercy to mankind. Those who don’t see that, miss out on learning some important truths about humans, religion, and God that the other books failed to give in order to keep humans’ focus on the wrong things for salvation.

Now we are starting to understand who are the true “disbelievers” in the Quran. Those who strayed enough from faith to cause chaos and division within religion.