Mashallah! I was featured in Write to Heal Movement!

What an honor! I am finally here at this place and space of being recognized as someone who wants to help heal others in this regard to having fear about Islam, and about God.

Drem is an amazing person who takes the time to create a space to gather writers who write with the sole mission to heal others and the world. I feel the love of God at this moment in realizing that some of my efforts are finally being recognized….that’s what “Mashallah” means: From the love of God.

I have been at this for a long time for many years shouting from the sidelines trying to bring peace to people’s minds. At one point, I wanted to give up. I don’t get many likes, shares, or acknowledgements and that is ok. I know Islam and religion isn’t popular right now. Those that do like a post, are connecting to my words and that is wonderful to see. Even through all that, I feel a mission to help others in a way to see Goodness, God’s light, and the Unity between us all.

Thank you Drem and thank you to fellow healers, we are making progress! The darkness is growing fainter in the light of Love.


He wrote to heal the world too..we have a never ending job here. 😉