Writing To Heal Feature: Indigo

Featured for Write to Heal Movement! Yay!


I am currently trying to resolve why Indigo does not allow comments on her site. It is her right. However, as someone who is claiming to reach out to others of different faiths to find commonalities, I believe it is crucial to allow discourse. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I had the pleasure of meeting Indigo, known as IndigoVoice82, on WordPress. I chose to highlight her today because she is a woman in the Midwest of the United States who is Muslim. Being a minority is hard. Dealing with hate every day from strangers in inhospitable areas by people who judge you can be draining, and spur hate. Instead of festering and being consumed by hate, Indigo challenges that. She attempts to promote peace in her writing. Peace, and celebrating her faith by connecting with others from different path’s of life. She finds common connections of love, friendship

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