C.S Lewis and the Great Wisdom of Time In the Quran.

“Almost certainly God is not in time. His life does not consist of moments one following another…Ten-thirty– and every other moment from the beginning of the world–is always Present for Him. If you like to put it this way, He has all eternity in which to listen to the split second of prayer put up by a pilot as his plane crashes in flames.” ~C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.~C. S. Lewis

Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.~ C. S. Lewis

Sitting here with a headache and fever, I decided to watch all the Narnia movies based on C. S Lewis’s book series. I love fantasy and escaping into beautiful worlds that can be felt, but not touched.  As I woke up from my nap after these movies were done, I was prompted to write about the extraordinary parallel between time in the Quran and time in the Narnia books.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Quran is the idea of time being this flexible and moldable element as Gabriel explains things to Muhammad. We as muslims know by several of the verses that the End Days will be as almost life was only for a day or a night-like a dream. But it has been our whole life, and all of humanity’s time on earth reduced to mere minutes.

Time as we know scientifically doesn’t exist outside of our world in the ways humans can relate. We can say things such as “light years” and “bending time”, but we truly don’t know what that is because we never went through a wormhole or blasted into another dimension..at least nobody has come back to tell us of this experience if it has happened.

God is above time and space, and so are His Angels  as described in the Quran verses.


But those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt of it until the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly or there comes to them the punishment of a barren Day.


Or [consider such an example] as the one who passed by a township which had fallen into ruin. He said, “How will God bring this to life after its death?” So God caused him to die for a hundred years; then He revived him. He said, “How long have you remained?” The man said, “I have remained a day or part of a day.” He said, “Rather, you have remained one hundred years. Look at your food and your drink; it has not changed with time. And look at your donkey; and We will make you a sign for the people. And look at the bones [of this donkey] – how We raise them and then We cover them with flesh.” And when it became clear to him, he said, “I know that God is over all things competent.”


Indeed, your Lord is God , who created the heavens and the earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne, arranging the matter [of His creation]. There is no intercessor except after His permission. That is God , your Lord, so worship Him. Then will you not remember?


And similarly, We awakened them that they might question one another. Said a speaker from among them, “How long have you remained [here]?” They said, “We have remained a day or part of a day.” They said, “Your Lord is most knowing of how long you remained. So send one of you with this silver coin of yours to the city and let him look to which is the best of food and bring you provision from it and let him be cautious. And let no one be aware of you.


He arranges [each] matter from the heaven to the earth; then it will ascend to Him in a Day, the extent of which is a thousand years of those which you count.


The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.

In Narnia, time did not feel any faster or slower than on Earth (for example, a year in either world took three hundred sixty-five days); however, the relative speed of Narnia time to Earth-time was inconsistent and erratic. When one was on Earth, there was no way to tell how quickly Narnia time was going. The first two adventures in Narnia (book #1, and book #2), one year passed for them on Earth while centuries passed by in Narnia. At another time, a week on earth passed in only ten minutes of Narnian time. Also, however much time an inhabitant of Earth spent in Narnia, no time passed in England.

In each end of the movies, and books all the children coming back to Earth realized that only seconds passed while feeling like many months and years have passed in Narnia.

I know C.S Lewis was a devote Christian, but I believe he tapped into a higher wisdom that was written about in the Quran proving it to be a true book that could be understood when imagination is open and faith is high. Time, is not as solid as we humans think and ultimately it is the WAY that the moments are spent that is more meaningful than how much time or little time we have on earth.