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One of the current criticism I have gotten from non-muslims and muslims is the idea that I don’t allow comments on my blog. The reason is because I am trying to keep the blog just a space for me to express my deepest feelings, intuitions, insights and reflections. So many opinions are already heard on Islam by others in the media and through fear and war mongering, that now it is my turn to just say what I need to say, give a new perspective and then move on without monitoring the negativity or lash back.

Since I decided to close comments on my blog. No longer do I get dragged into trolling wars on the internet of where I need to defend my faith in God or path in Islam. But I did hear your concerns and so every so often, I will post a post like this to open up for comments on anything up until now.

If you have any time and have been following my blog, then please feel free to comment HERE on this post. I would like to hear what you say and even any suggestions of what to discuss next. What do you feel so far about what you have read? Do you like the blog? Do you hate it? Am I getting the messages across? Are you curious about anything in particular about Islam and spirituality?

I await to hear your thoughts…

Salam ❤





  1. dancingpalmtrees · January 10, 2016

    It’s your blog and you’re entitled to do whatever pleases you. I’ve learned a lot from your blog posts and you have my support. I’m a Christian and the Bible states, “Come Let Us Reason Together.” However some people try to force their opinions down your throat, post hate messages & threats. You are also entitled to protect yourself. Don’t allow other people to control you nor do you have to give into their demands. Sad to say not many people want honest dialogue. I’ve discovered this when I posted blogs discussing Racism on my Blogs. People reveal their true evil nature. I’ve had to remind folks that’s it is my blog and like the TV they can always change the channel but they are not gonna change me. I enjoyed your Blog Posts very much.

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    • quranangel · January 10, 2016

      Thank you my sister! It is nice to be supported by you and I am glad you are enjoying my blogs as a Christian. I really am trying to reach out to others of faiths, as well as muslims to show a solidarity between religions. And it means a lot for you to say that I haven’t offended you or tried to push anything. Is there anything you would like me to think about and discuss next?

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  2. Akhila · January 11, 2016

    you are free to express whatever you want …you can make it open for discussion or not, it’s upto you. If anyone want to read it they will ensure to follow you.. that’s it..


  3. Br Andrew Efo · January 11, 2016

    I too am enjoying you blogs, i am jealous that your mind is faster than mine but I love that I have found a Muslim who has attained universal faith.


    • quranangel · January 16, 2016

      Wow…I never heard that before. I will take that as a compliment from you saying my “mind works faster”, especially because at times I perceive myself to be very slow! There is no need to be jealous though my friend, we all have our parts and special unique gifts. I enjoy your blog too and SEE yours there too!

      It is true, I do see in the Quran teachings of universal faith and understanding of brotherhood and sisterhood. Religion is complicated and I have discovered that the wisdom from these books and ideas of God from these religions must be sought through the heart, not with the eyes and mind. But all three, there you discover the interconnections through all faiths that teach of a higher power guiding and helping mankind evolve. Thank you for your support!

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  4. mariner2mother · January 11, 2016

    I just read your post about the messengers of God being empaths and I love that people who come from different religious backgrounds can reach the same conclusions about our need to be able to be compassionate with each other. My son (now 13) is extremely empathic, and because he picks up on everyone’s feelings, he could never purposely cause another person discomfort or harm. I believe that anyone can tap into God’s wisdom through their own heart space, and those messengers of God who have become so well known, who have become avatars, had a very clear and strong connection that they implicitly trusted. It’s time that everyone know and trust their connection to the part of them that I have only ever experienced as pure love and compassion.

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    • quranangel · January 16, 2016

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I am happy you resonate with what I say. I am 33, so I am not that young, but I am from a younger generation where empathy is starting to gain momentum in people. But the kids today are coming into the world already with knowledge and the ability to connect to others, it is a beautiful path of evolution to see.

      I view empathy as a DNA encoded trait that God gave us all, but it is life choices that bring us to opening them up in the body and transforming the mind and soul. I absolutely believe that the power of empathy and the power of “indigo” (seeing the truth behind the lies) consciousness is where society and mankind need to go to have a new earth and a new level of species evolution. It’s beautiful to be able to see that in your son as a mother! Thank you for sharing in this journey and thanks for reading my blog!

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  5. earnestlydebra · January 11, 2016

    I’m glad that instead of letting negative voices stop you, you found a way to continue forward. I am also an empath. What started as a Christian path turned to Native American practice, following in the footsteps of my Cherokee ggggrandmother. I want to track down the previously mentioned article on God’s messengers being empaths. That sounds like Truth to me. All peoples travel the hard road of life and we all have so much to learn from each other. Thank you! in lak’ech, Debra


    • quranangel · January 16, 2016

      Hi Debra, thank you for the encouragement! It’s very true sometimes trying different paths brings you to the conclusion that all paths of the light of God (goodness, values, morals) will lead you to God. I started out as a Buddhist, but my calling became Islam after a long winding path towards some realizations about the world. The media will never show a muslim like me, but just know there are more and more younger generations forming with the ability to empathize and understand the interconnections between all things and beings. We are here together and I believe and I hope to show the evidence of this teaching in the Quran as the third book of the Abrahamic God. I believe the native Americans believed in God as well, but called it the Great Spirit. When they looked up to the sky, or ate their buffalo, they were thanking the same God of creation that Muslims do. I believe that truly. Salaam to you and thanks for being here.


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