Messengers of God Were Empaths: It’s Time We All Became One Too.

There is much evidence in the religious texts to show that each unique messenger and prophet are empaths. An empath is someone who is not just “sympathetic” to others although compassion has a strong role in being one. It is about actually being so sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others that you FEEL it within yourself. It comes from the place of higher intuition.

I believe that the messengers of God were not just randomly picked. As Einstein said, “God does not throw dice”.  They were global empaths that extended their “feelers” beyond their family and villages…they felt for the WHOLE world and humanity. God used them for their gifts, or they were given the gifts in the first place in order to be a tool for change.

I believe in the year 2016, we are going to need to alter the way we see religious men and examples. They are not to be idols or worshipped. They are not to be put on a high pedestal and looked up to from a distance. They are to be look towards as an example of being, and a benchmark to reach.

They had empathy and it is something that more and more people are cultivating today. When humanity taps into this part of ourselves, they will no longer harm one another because they will FEEL that harm back to them. They will stand up against injustice against others because they will FEEL that strongly within. Being an empath is where society needs to go and what these brave and courageous men were.

Empaths can go by other terms today, “highly sensitive adults or children”, “Indigos or Crystal children and adults”, but they all represent the same ability to be in touch with the potential to understand each other at the core.

Part of the reason why humans yawn when they see other beings yawn is because of this hidden connection within. If one person’s brain says there isn’t enough oxygen in the atmosphere, then the other person involuntarily feels this too and it signals a yawn to gasp for more oxygen themselves. It is because we are empathic creatures designed this way by God. Some have repressed this part of nature, and society and those who run it have done a good job of helping keep this trait in dormant mode because of the power of unity it can create.

Remember there is always a power in opposition of unity. The Quran says it in the first chapter, that minions of Satan work hard to keep us divided mentally and spiritually to keep the world in chaos.

If you research about aliens and advanced beings you may learn that they live in accordance to this way on their own planets-so they have said. I read a book about a farmer in Switzerland that had contact with aliens called Pleiadians that said they live in complete telepathy and empathy of each other so their civilizations are very peaceful. If interested, then read the “Bringers of Dawn” or about Billy Meier and his experience.

Empathy is not something that is alien to the rest of us, it is innately human, possibly innate in non humans too, and the way we were created to be in touch with reality of each other and God. We just now must get to the point where we can all tap into this DNA encoded potential that the other messengers had.


Discover if you are already an empath here and what kind you may be: