Is the Illuminati Bad?: An Indigo Muslim’s Perspective.

Gosh. It really is confusing times.To discern between what kind of wisdom is from God and what is not.
The way I do this is not through any rituals or means of channeling. It is just done through investigation into intentions. So right now, we have the branch of Freemasons called illuminati using the “third eye” as a symbol of “awakening”, and so does Indigo conscious humans too. So am I illuminati? Are all the Indigo adults part of it too?
I would say no. And here is why. Wisdom is from the same “tree of knowledge” in the universe. We all have the ability to grasp the knowledge in the universe that God allowed us to live out our existence knowing from right and wrong. All this same knowledge is given to us freely. You can choose to tap into it or ignore it, and just live a “normal” life without the concern of trying to understand the truth.
But if all the knowledge in the universe is free, and we all can reach the same conclusion what makes some groups bad and others not? Well, to me it has to do with intentions. This is where being an empath can help, by tapping a bit into the emotional state that people are in when they decide to do something.
I said this before in my blog, about Miley Cyrus and other stars using the symbol of illuminati to promote awareness and enlightenment. But if someone is allowing the suffering of others and the SINFUL/Haram wealth distribution on earth that we have going on today, are they really that enlightened? Yes their life may be “co-created” beautifully through houses, cars, money, luxuries that normal people can not buy, but are they really “enlightened” if others are still suffering?
Someone who is truly enlightened will not consider themselves rulers of others, or it permissible to live like kings while others are really hurting in the world. The working class is really suffering trying to hold up to the demands of the others on top-the elite.
So a middle class “indigo” muslim like me, is not really the same as the wealthy elites who push that they belong to the illuminati and have become Gods of the world. I don’t agree with living extravagantly while others are bones and dying of thirst. It just doesn’t sit right with me. So while majorly influential people are living life to their fullest dreams, they have become unaware of others who are not.
I am not saying that everyone who becomes an illuminati member is bad at all. I am advocating for people to start to see WHO is each behind the idea and what are their actions. What is their true intention to living? You can always see if a person really is in service to Light, or if they are just saying that.
When I say service to the Light, I mean in service to God, like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and many others were. It is a role to play and a path to fulfill based on personal choices to be a believer or not.
So yes, the illuminati may teach to open the third eye and awaken, but unless they are teaching that we are all from God, and to help everyone live an equally peaceful life-I don’t consider their enlightenment from God. The idea we are all gods experiencing life subjectively really is just for a plumped up ego to already satisfy the needs to feel loved and special.
I hope one day everyone-Illuminati or not, can realize they are special, but we are all special and it is time we start living in a society that reflect this. It starts with wealth distribution-that needs to become more fair so people earn what they truly put in. CEOs and heads of corporations should not be taking million dollar salaries if their employees are on food stamps…it doesn’t make sense. We need to alter this idea of being gods of our own universe that the illuminati and Jay Z are trying to teach. We need to start to see we are all from God, and the way to coming back is to realize we need to treat everyone truly equally as part of the Whole.
When those in charge who brand themselves as illuminati members, start to usher in a beautiful new experience for all physically through change of government and economic structure, THEN I will consider them part of Indigo consciousness that they try to promote.
So in answer: Some are good and some are bad, it all depends on how they choose to act upon the knowledge they have gained.