Joining Isis Is Really Joining the Devil:A Muslim’s Perspective

I am a bit wary these days with media coverage saying all these young muslims are joining ISIS. Especially when they are killing innocent civilians at this very minute in  Syria, what kind of muslim would really  want to be part of this nonsense? But let me offer my services to the angry and hurt muslims who may be out there thinking that joining a militant branch of Islam is the way towards God’s rewards.

Although we learn in the Quran that Muhammad’s need for his people to arm themselves and fight off the Mecca pagans who were oppressing them, I see ISIS as transgressors. When you read the Quran, you see a different energy than anger involved in the defense of Islam. It is a strong one that is backed by the angels and God of Creation. Muhammad was used as a tool to help take down the system of pagan child and human sacrifice and inequality in people not part of the elite class. Muhammad’s people would go about their normal lives as muslims and spend their time absorbing the revelations given to Muhammad and at the same time were prepared for war.

They would either march forward into Mecca when provoked by caravan attacks on the people of Medina, or they would stand their ground and defend their own land and places of worship. It was not done out of anger or revenge, it was done out of necessity to help spread a powerful message of Islam to the pagan Mecca leaders that did not hear or care to take seriously the words of messengers before.

That was in year 600AD. Now we are in year 2016, and we have the ability to see new ways of achieving peace. ISIS may be upset with the choices of others, but threatening, kidnapping and cutting off heads as scare tactics is not the Muslim way. It is actually against the laws of Islam to attack those that have not directly attacked you. It is not an open war fought against oppressors, it is scare tactics of terror to exact revenge and express anger. I see their disgusting videos on youtube, and I just get the instant vibe that these are very mistaken and mislead men. Some muslims have been wrongly lured that this violence is what God wants. But those muslims with understanding and heart know the difference between a honorable war fought against evil, and these terror tactics.

We are in a complicated situation these days. It is not WHOLE states or nations against others as it has been in the past. In Mecca around the 600s AD, in smaller civilizations to control,  people where manipulated to be against the new forming muslims. When ISIS attacks a whole nation, they are not rightfully judging who dies and who lives. Innocent people are killed in the cross fire today, and it seems they are far more concerned with exacting revenge than doing the right thing for God.


And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right. And whoever is killed unjustly – We have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed limits in [the matter of] taking life. Indeed, he has been supported [by the law].


Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors


And as far as suicide bombers here is what the Quran has to say about those who take their lives, to take other lives.


O you who have believed, do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly but only [in lawful] business by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful.

So really joining a militant rogue group is not really an army of God, it is dishonorable and cowardly. When you follow the darker side of anger and revenge, you follow Satan into the fire. Use the force for good, not evil. Remember Heaven is not a place, it is a space or dimension our souls can occupy if our consciousness is clear enough to do so. Do you really think ISIS men and women will have the cleared consciousness to achieve such a higher state? Not according to what I see in the news.

As I said before, it is hard to know the truth these days in the media. But I do believe there are some young muslims who see what is going on in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and feel helpless and want to exact revenge, so they are said to then join ISIS. I offer a new perspective.  It will take many people from all different faiths and nations to try to bring peace back into the world. It is not the path of God to exact revenge and blindly kill those who you see as an enemy. You have to be stronger than that. There are so many good people in Israel  and America as well, that declaring wars on whole nations just doesn’t work any longer. The wrong people are always killed and the acts are then used to represent all of Islam.

For this reason, I believe the leaders of ISIS to be minions of the devil. They have infiltrated Islam and are using the idea of war and self defense to terrorize people. I have watched their messages on youtube. They try to use the lines of Quran to twist them for their intent, but  many muslims know better. The interpretation that ISIS gets from the Quran shows them to be “transgressors” a word to be used to describe someone who goes over the limit of what is needed in the world.


It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

I doubt any ISIS members are on wordpress, but I hope to put my words out into the world and to help soothe the anger of young muslims who see the wars in the Middle East or experience it. Part of this test of this world is to see if we can remain good even though there is corruption and evil around us. While direct self defense of homes and loved ones holds honorable intentions, terrorism never does.  It all will be balanced in the end. Those who were killed by the acts of others will be shown justice. Don’t taint your own soul by following a path of revenge.

Do not use the Quran and interpret the words with the energy of anger and hate…that’s the path of Satan and leads you into the hellish Fire of the soul.

Fellow muslims, if you know a friend who is full of hate and anger, please share this post with them to remind them there is a higher perspective to be found in Islam.