The Evolution of Humanity Experienced Through Writing

Why I write too…

The Bull and The Lotus

This is a wonderful time to be a writer. Living on the edge, the world is one step away from a radical change. A paradigm shift in all that is considered switches direction. Humanity is being pushed to the extremes in all directions. The point is here where we must expand or collapse. Our wings are being stretched out, and now above all it has turned into the time to take off. Humanity was meant to fly.

The radicalization of religious fervor causing people to question deep within what their beliefs are. A mixing of cultures across Europe (amongst other places) leaving people to compare moralities. The explosive free-flow of information on the internet making it possible for the population to achieve impossible heights, mentally. The generations growing up with the internet learning to sift through the facts and the bullshit. Comparing endless perspectives, bringing about new questions on reality.

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