Polytheism: Splitting the God Consciousness up.


I have known many sweet hearted pagans and polytheists in my life and still remain their friend, be it from a Hindu culture that teaches Hinduism from a polytheistic perspective (since Hinduism can also be taught in a monotheistic way), or a pagan who believes in nature gods and different aspects of the Creator. But let me offer the reason why I think the Abrahamic God is against worship of other gods and will forever be, as long as humans live.

If the God consciousness wants us all to eventually come back to God where we originated from and enjoy the gardens of paradise we fell from, that means there is a “hub” or a center source of Creation that we all stem from. While believing in many gods as aspects of the One Creator may seem harmless to a person, the effects of doing so can split the God consciousness into more sections than it already is being filtered through the diversity of culture and religion of so many people on earth.

I believe that God wants us to discover our Oneness with each other and integrate that into our living amongst each other. This simply can not happen with thousands of gods and goddesses being worshipped at the same time. If thoughts create reality, then this would cause more division in reality. It is like splitting the soul into fragments and the search for the TRUE core becomes harder to do. So splitting God of Creation into a tree god, a river goddess, a war god, and a destruction goddess can cause a division in not only God in people’s minds, but in the human psyche.

It will cause God to be seen through so many different lenses that finding the way back to the source  TOGETHER, may become harder to do. It also may cause more division in people than God ever intended. For an example, say I didn’t believe in the river goddess that another feels there is, this can cause an issue and a fight if I had a warring nature. And in the past this is what tribes and nations did. They fought over who/what should be worshipped and honored in the land that they shared.

The past historical crusade fights amongst Christians, Muslims and Jews were caused by this inability to see where another was coming from. They split God up in their own minds and had trouble seeing the whole. These fragments of God then allowed them to feel alienated from one another and cause them to hate, ridicule, and eventually even kill. That being said, I don’t think the wars we have today in the Middle East are for religious purposes. The wars are happening for geopolitical reasons that have very little to do with spiritual reality. But at one point in time, our consciousness of humanity was not ready to accept all the puzzle pieces together to create the Big Picture. I believe it is starting to now.

While I think paganism in itself is harmless to the individual to worship more than one God, to the WHOLE of humanity, it can become a dangerous seed of division. If you are a holistic thinker you may be able to see God as the many, but sadly many people are not able to do that and some may never be able to, depending on how far they choose to extend their perspective.

There are many Christians who STILL today don’t understand that “Allah” is the word to describe the One God that spoke to Abraham and created Jesus…it sounds like “ALL” and so it is the best word in the Arabic name to describe the ALL. It is not a name of a being sitting up in Heaven looking at us.  There are many Muslims who don’t understand the trinity idea today and how Jesus and God are worshipped as One thing by some branches of Christianity, like Universalism. These abstracts are hard for people to grasp and although many do, like me and others, other do not. So there needed to be One Creator to worship for even the lowest of intelligence on earth to grasp. One=One. It is extremely hard to teach someone that Many=One. It is not logical to some people who have a more rational mind. To the more imaginative and perceptive types, this can be easily seen. But we are not all like this.

Since I am someone who can see things on a global level, I tend to think holistically and this includes my perceptions of other faiths interconnecting to Islam. The Quran reads to me like a manual for how to become One with the All, once again. Some Muslims even say I am not teaching Islam, but it is because they can not SEE the same things I can see by training myself to see unity in all things. Nothing makes me happier to see examples of unity in this world. That is just where I am consciously right now in my life.

As I said before, I don’t pretend to know the truth of the Plan of God, but in my heart, I feel we are headed towards an understanding of our unity that will lead us to more empathic ways of living with each other. Which in turn will mean more peace on earth and enjoyment for all.

Let me be very clear, I am not a supporter of the New World Order idea. I don’t like the images of a dystopian future where people have to die in order to establish unity or “sameness” without religion. I do advocate for the awakening of human consciousness to start to see unity past the illusions of separation that we created ever since God divided us during the Tower of Babel event. I believe in unity through diversity, but having the realization to understand that through our differences we have a common thread. And that when one person prays, or looks to the sky towards a Supreme Being or higher power we are in simplest terms looking at the same thing.

Established polytheism gives more justification to divide the Creator into many little creators, and ultimately it divides us further from realizing we are all part of ONE-God. It also could easily call on non human beings from other planets (or dimensions of space) to try to rule over us as these many deities (see the movie Stargate for that theory). If there isn’t ONE Creator, then there isn’t a limit to how many we can have as humans. Talk about micromanaging! I don’t know about you, but I would rather listen to ONE source of Laws, morals, and guidance.

God can have many names, looks, languages, but remains ONE single source of energy of creation. If you understand Zero Point energy in Quantum Physics then you will understand that by seeing God as one single source, we can then start to see us all as coming from this one single source at the Big Bang.

I believe emotionally, mentally, and spiritually it is where humanity is headed and where God always intended for us to go and ultimately why polytheism is warned against. Besides the fact that in polytheism you can justify ANY cruel law you want to by saying some harvest goddess wants you to kill children for the crops to grow this year (true story-this happened in pre-Islam Arabia), it really is to keep humanity on track towards discovering our Oneness with each other.




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