The Only “Likes” You Need Are From God.


I wanted to address something tonight that is painfully familiar to some. The idea of “likes” on social media such as facebook, twitter, wordpress, etc.  What I have noticed is there is a strange anxiety at times inside myself even when I see people read something, but do not “like” it physically with some indication. It’s weird, and I know I am not alone.

This is something common with people who want to please others and help others in some way. We want to be validated that our ideas, thoughts, posts, and shares are enjoyed or liked by others. We want to know that our messages are getting across and being shared by others. People are so removed from connection to source that I can tell you right now, the love that you feel from God will far outweigh any feeling of self doubt or social anxiety you may suffer from the lack of connection from others. I always try to “like” others things I read to show appreciation to them, but I understand that some people are simply not like this and could care less how others may feel. Or they are too busy to hit the “like” button, for you. Sigh..

And while I am ok with this and have learned to accept this double sidedness of human nature, I know some may not be. Especially the younger generation just starting to write and express themselves. Even the older souls need to know their thoughts are being liked. What you feel right now with this feeling of “no likes” is the realization that you have entered a place emotionally others may not be at. You are sensitive to the lack of acknowledgement that you experience and this is a good thing coming from an indigo. 😉

Trust me. I see it on twitter and facebook. A funny, crude, or even rude post will get more likes than your honest and thought provoking one. As an empath, I see  or feel it happen all the time and I make sure to at least give that person my “like” to show someone does read it and care about what they have to say. But deep inside, I KNOW why humans tend to look over the deeper nature into things versus the superficial ones.

This post is meant to be a healing one to whomever may read this. God and the Angels recording to sides, sees your actions to help, lift, awaken, express, acknowledge, heal, enlighten others while humans do not. There will be a few who tune into what you are trying to do, and I suggest to cherish those people because it means they are the rare few that have tapped into something you did too. That is the great gift of being alive, and why Adam was given a companion to talk to and communicate to. Connection is a precious gift-relish those few likes, and know God’s likes are the MOST important of all.

So thank you to the rare few who resonate with my words and “like” my posts. Much love back to you ❤




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  1. Mary · January 22, 2016

    Great post


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