A Lesson In Empathy #1: Manners In Public Spaces

This is of course not for those following my blog, they resonated with the words I have wrote so you are aware of this level of empathy. I thank you for taking time to read and to hold my hand energetically. 🙂

This is for those who have forgotten that part of themselves and feel a bit distant from others. They can not quite see the connection, but they happened to stumble upon my blog and are reading it right now in whatever time and place that they are at.

This lesson is not to condemn, nor ridicule. It is to REMIND you of what you are as a human and what you have the potential to create on this planet. I understand that most humans want peace and love. But many don’t know HOW to get it. I like to teach using personal examples since I find people connect ideas more to their own life to really take it in.

Example 1:

I was at the movies last night to watch The 5th Wave,  and I noticed that at a 9:55pm movie there were two babies in the theater crying. There were people talking loudly, not whispering to each other, texting with the light blinding others views. I was not the only one unhappy. I could here several times “hushes” from the audience to quiet the others down. My unrest happened most when I felt others at unrest. The rudeness of others was impeding on everyone’s experiences to relax and escape into a 2 hour film. The babies at the movies that late at night, is unacceptable. The movie was about aliens invading the world. Loud noises. bright lights. scary sounds were evading their little ear drums making them cry out for their mothers. One of the mother’s had her baby sitting on the stair in the dark, asking to be tripped over or stepped on by another. It took everything in my power not to run to that child seat and bring that baby to the mother and tell her not to keep him on the stair for others to step on in the dark. It was strange to see so many people unaware of others at the same time. Talking loudly was a couple sitting next to me about their dinner, and not the movie. Please wait and know there is a time for everything. If you have a small child please think about how the crying will affect other’s experiences when you bring them to an adult movie. I know others can relate, this is not an alien story to many.

When we share a shared space as humans, we need to start to see them as having the same need as ourselves. So thoughts have to literally become like this:

“If I bought a ticket to see a movie and spent my hard earned cash, then others have too and I need to be respectful and quiet to ensure that they enjoy themselves just as much as I do.”

I know it may seem like a little thing, but empathy starts this way. It is a seed that grows into a global awareness of others that rushes forwards.

So next time you are in a public space with others, try to imagine what YOU would like to get out of the experience and treat others in this way. Maybe you don’t care about your own experience and are wasting time and money, but then you need to go even further outside yourself to create peace for others.

When we start to see each other in this way in the public spaces we share in our communities, this will start to extend outwards towards others NOT in our public space and we will in turn will come together against injustices and stand up for what is impeding on other’s experiences.

Please share this not as a scolding, but a reminding of the empathic creations we were created to be. I am not perfect and need this reminding too. We are not inherently selfish, this is a choice we make. We know this because acting in this way once we become aware does not feel good. Emotions are a thermometer for how our path is aligning towards truths or falsehoods.