The Movie Risen: Jesus’s Precious Gift of Joy

One thing that I noticed about this particular movie was the absolute JOY that the disciples shared knowing Jesus. It was actually quite fun watching them smile, hit each other friendly over the back in brotherhood, and generally be all “giggly” together. I found myself sitting there with a smile on my face.

It got me thinking as I sat there, I too feel these moments of pure spiritual highs and joys, and it really is the best feeling in the world, quite possibly universe. How fun it is to be able to feel so happy that even in threatening of their death, the disciples laughed with delight knowing what they knew.

They were no longer scared or feared death. They were in a pure state of joy to know that everything in the end is beautiful for those that believed in Jesus’s message.  Just as the Buddha taught about detachment of this material world, these disciples reached it and you could tell in their happy smiles. This gift is passed down to us now, as we think about the coldness and cruelty of the world, we know in our hearts that somewhere lies a place of pure joy and bliss for those that search deep enough to find it.

Mary Magdalene left smiling to herself.


The Movie Risen: A Muslim’s Perspective.

Just came back from Risen, and I am a little out of it, it was beautifully done in my eyes, and I feel a bit spiritually “high” I guess you can say. I am not sure how it did in the box offices in terms of money, but there were only 10 people in the theater…sad times indeed, when so many need to hear the message.

I liked this movie, I saw the unity in the idea that Yes, Jesus was a product of divine manifestation to teach important messages and ways of salvation to the people. They showed him in an interesting light. Jesus never asked to be worshiped, but only told his followers to worship God above. One particular scene was when Jesus was sitting on a rock gazing at the stars, and told Clavius the Roman, to get to know Him in order to reach peace…the power that created the Universe they were both staring up at.

I want to do more research on this, but the movie showed Jesus literally popping in and out of dimension and then at the end gone in a flash of light, which looked as if he entered a portal of some sort…

It really makes you think, was Jesus an advanced being from another reality or dimension able to visit us, and become our Mercy from God?

I don’t know the answer, but because of my faith in his existence and historical significance, I can sleep easy tonight knowing there is indeed a loving power guiding us always.

I recommend it.


Are Atheists Just Good People Hurt By Religion?

If it is the exclusivity that is taught in churches, synagogues, mosques,and temples today..then no wonder there are atheists. When one religion says they are chosen over others, this causing such discord and bloodshed in the world.
What IF..
The corruption in religion happened from within? I am serious…what if the people who placed themselves in power of religion were really just servants to the devil and acted in opposing force to love, compassion, empathy, brotherhood and equality?
If we had loving people in place of religious power structures from day one, would more people see God today? I would say, yes. The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, KKK, Boko Haram, ISIS, are products of “exclusive” narrow minded thinking about God and religion.
Would there be atheists IF there weren’t these extremist narrow minded groups? I really do wonder if atheists are just good hearted people who have become saddened by the world’s religions?
Maybe it is time to bring more people to God, by showing the beauty in religion once again?
religious oppression and murder

Air Bender and the Chakras

I have discovered the Quran to teach about this too. This is why Allah always says in the Quran to “detach” from wealth and even loved ones that try to steer you wrong, when you are pursuing a path of spiritual righteousness. In the end, nothing matters more than connection and service to God soul wise.


Does God Judge the Mind?

There has been always the idea that God judges a person’s heart and soul, but does God judge the mind?

I would say that God judges the way in which you use the mind not the intellectual capacity itself. The mind is a complex structure of pathways and circuits that ultimately create the person. The body is a shell, but the mind in a lot of ways is the essence or the core of the body. It may be the spark of Life, that God gives us as the chemical charge to start the brain.

In reading the Quran, the rhetorical question of “Do the people not use their mind or understand?”, comes up again and again. When Gabriel is explaining the situations of the past and the present, often times it is the thought process of the “bad guys” that is analyzed.



O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon you, and fulfill your covenant with Me as I fulfill My Covenant with you, and fear none but Me.


And when My bondmen ask you concerning Me, then, surely I am near; I answer the invocation of the invoker when he invokes Me; so let them respond (to) Me, and let them believe in Me, so that possibly they would respond right-mindedly.



Do they not travel through the land, so that their hearts and minds may thus learn wisdom and their ears may thus learn to hear? Truly it is not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their breasts.


And certainly We have repeated this to them that they may be mindful, but the greater number of men do not consent to aught except denying.


Do they not reflect in their own minds? Not but for just ends and for a term appointed, did Allah create the heavens and the earth, and all between them: yet are there truly many among men who deny the meeting with their Lord (at the Resurrection)!

Here we can see in the above verses that a person will be judged based on how much effort they put forth to use their minds. Yes, our minds are always “on”, but using deductive reasoning, logical, common sense, parts of our brain sometimes are not. Especially if someone only functions from the reptilian part of the brain based on natural instincts and reactiveness. Most violence is done through emotions that are not controlled. It is rare to meet a serial killer that does not kill out of rage, but even then…psychologically their emotions of deep seated feelings repressed drives them to kill.

I read an interesting article yesterday based on how atheists may actually NOT use an important part of their brain that allows them to believe in God of the old historical messages.

According to this study, they are actually not as logical as they claim to be. They often neglect the use of evidence in historical connections to the higher messages from God that suggest that there is an overarching power that is above us and guiding us to make the right choices towards living.

So, yes, I really do believe that God and the Angels will ask us in our life reviews how we decided to use our minds. Part of it is about going to school and learning a trade to help the world, instead of sitting in your mother’s basement wasting your intelligence playing video games. But using the mind can go far above educational pursuits and knowledge, it is about having a balance over your emotions. You can be any IQ level, and be considered bright or smart, if you have a good head on your shoulders because you constantly make good choices for yourself and others. I call kids “bright” that I find to be perceptive and in control of their feelings at times, compared to other kids who just hit others or throw a temper tantrum cause they don’t get their way. This extends into adulthood too, so it is important to teach control of emotional responses at an early age.

The mind is a wonderful thing, and it was designed to help us become co-creators with God. In the Quran the Kabbah is not described in full detail of how Adam built the first house and place to quiet the mind and be mindful of God. But Adam had the ability to create and build using his mind and we know this or else humans would not have survived without shelter. This example of being able to measure and use logical reasoning can be seen with Noah using his mind to build an ark to save himself and a few others from the upcoming flood. This ark had to be big enough and strong enough to endure this trial.

It is proven that in older people, using the mind can prolong health. So it is important to do puzzles, read, and think actively to keep a longer healthier life.

The mind is a precious thing, so don’t waste it, and when the Angels show you your life record by bringing up memories of conscious moments in your life while alive, hopefully it is the moments you can be proud of to show when you used your mind and minded what you did for yourself and to others.


Air Pollution: Their Health is Our Legacy.

I used to be a teacher, but I decided to go another route these days since the educational system is hard to be part of for an outspoken Indigo conscious person, like me. I now am completely in charge of a recess and after school care program as the program manager. That means I am CPR certified and can take care of children when the nurse is off duty, and parents put their trust in my care. In Chicago a nurse is only at schools where a child needs medicine every day administrated, which is a gamble in my opinion with the lives of children. What happens to schools with kids without a nurse the day a medical emergency occurs? That’s where I come in to help take the nurses place and facilitate an engaging and fun program for the kids whose parents work till 6pm.

Today was a little bit scary and not the usual Friday at all. I took a child in from recess after she began to have labored breathing after running. I monitored her until she could be taken to the ER. Then in the process of her breathing problems, an older Middle School boy started experiencing breathing problems after playing basketball outside on the same playground in the city.

Could these two events be linked to the pollution that is growing in our air as a big city? I would venture yes. As the break down in morals happen and people start to cut corners on the environment’s health and welfare-we suffer.

If we don’t ALL go more “green” in this world, we are going to see much more deterioration of health happen in humans. I am not sure if I saved a life today, but I did question as I sat there trying to calm her breathing, that our children are precious and the newest generation to cherish and take care of. This world is theirs after we no longer exist. The adults are going to have to start to make less selfish decisions on ways to spend money and start to create ingenious ways to save our planet from destruction. We also are going to have to spend on education and health welfare services to take care of the children that will be our next leap into the future. As they inherit this earth, let’s make sure that it is given to them in a good condition that we would want to live in, ok?

We can not keep going like this. We can not see positive results of evolution in a broken system any longer. People with integrity in political structures of states are going to have to say no to building large projects that don’t have immediate play into the health and lives of others. I know we can be better with where our money is going towards. I wish I had the power to do something and bring change to this system, but I am only a voice. I am only a messenger for what has already been said in the Gita, Bible, Torah, and Quran and Buddhist teachings:

Take care of each other and do good towards one another and the earth.

Take care of the children and this earth that are gifts from God. Everything is all connected and our survival depends on the choices we make together as adults with children depending on us. Like the Montessori school I currently work in, let’s make better choices as adults.


Chicago’s Corruption: We Are Judged By The Way We Use Money

I just finished watching No Escape, with Owen Wilson and it was a terrifying look at how sudden violence erupting in a foreign land can leave you all alone struggling for survival. While some people were upset about this movie, showing Thailand as full of violent people, I saw it more about the corrupt ways leaders deal business.  The whole premise is that the farmers and villagers who lost their land staged a coup to get rid of the corrupt government who is working with British water and power companies. It is a long tangled web, but supposedly, this goes on all the time in the world.

One country has more money and exploits a country with less to make more money, and then takes their property over when they are in debt. Sick.

Well, it turns out it can happen on a larger scale too, where an entire state of officials exploit their people for more money by raising taxes without giving the services they promised in the first place.

I sadly live in one of these most corrupted states-Chicago, according to this very interesting website:

I noticed that our recyclables has not been picked up in 2 weeks now, schools have no budget for supplies, and somehow our taxes keep raising for broken down streets and land property that doesn’t get fixed unless it is for a new construction project. Don’t even get me started on the pot holes in the streets. Once a foreign Uber driver from Algeria said to me that Chicago has the worst streets to drive on in the world!

Being a Muslim in Chicago, is like I am bracing for the storm of the wrath of God that is coming based on the Quran warnings. I really wish I was not born here, because it is so hard to leave once your roots and family is here, but my goal is to get out of this state as soon as I can and start a family somewhere less connected to the mob.

I can’t stand the corruption any longer, and I feel it in taxes, and in less services that Chicago provides its hard working people. As I reflect on the way that officials have deserted its people, and spent money on casinos and other unnecessary projects, I see the verses of the Quran glowing in my mind.

One of the thing that the Quran pushes is the idea that charitable good deeds is needed by leaders of the people. The verses express how you need to take care of the poor, and the people under your responsibility. Even though Muhammad, was not a king, he was placed in charge of establishing a society built on more of a social structure of taking care of the most needy and children, in society. In Chicago, the people in charge take care of themselves and their connections, meanwhile the people suffer and the politicians and city leaders’ corruption deepens in their souls. Let’s not forget about CPS-the Chicago School Systems that send our teachers on strike almost every year and close down schools, while children suffer, cause the state doesn’t want to spend money on education and the welfare of its people.

Quran 2:110

And establish prayer and give zakah (charity), and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing.

I ask that these 10 corrupt states start to think about the people that were entrusted in their care by God, and how this will reflect on their own consciousness. If we clean up the corruption at the top, there will be less anger, bloodshed, and violence on the bottom.


Purgatory of Faith: Saints by Gene Luen Yang 

Today I picked up a comic book found in an elementary school’s library. Although it received a lot of awards, it did not impress me.
I don’t know why I am a little bit angry after reading this dark comic, but I am finding that to be in the children’s library is something I don’t quite agree with.
The story starts off with a sad tale of an unfortunate girl that takes a strange path to find God. But the style of the writing leans towards more of a mockery of faith rather than spiritual uplifting and wisdom shared.
Historically this graphic novel gives an interesting storyline to the Chinese and “white Devils” missionaries, but spiritually it left me feeling a bit disappointed…like being left in purgatory, it wasn’t fully satisfying to my spiritual nature. 
Perhaps it was the questioning nature of faith this book seems to have, and the dark violent ending to the protagonist’s life without a lot of purpose attached to it. Something about this book is off to me. The illustrations with the eyes of Jesus and the eye in his wounds is a little strange to find in a children’s book when they are so inidated with the illuminati eye in the pyramid symbol already. Even if it was not intended, the artist should have known better…
Can our kids get a break from the strange indoctrination of the illuminati? God help us all determine the truth from the lies.