All I Want to Say to Satan/Shaytan Today.

I have had enough.

I want to scream at Satan for all the lies he has been peddling to others that aliens are their fathers and mothers, even though they are our sisters and brothers.

I want to chastise him for using good people with good intentions to peddle the idea of solipsism.

I want to shake my fist at him for bringing this idea of “I AM GOD ALONE” to the minds of unsuspecting people.

I want to stick my tongue out at him for causing people to call the religious texts only fairytales.

I want to smack him for dividing us further into sects of religions, and branches of worship.

I want to cry to him for capturing the control of the media, entertainment, and internet to make evil seem good.

I want to give him a piece of my mind for making people believe that they can sit there and do nothing about the suffering and injustices going on.

I want to growl at him for making people think it is faithful people or religion’s fault for the wars and destruction when we have money at the root of all this evil.

I want to smash him for telling others that they can become God, if they become enlightened while humans.

I want to scratch at him for pushing immoral sin such as lust, sloth, greed, pride, and envy.

I want to tell the world that he has deceived them greatly thinking that when you come to him you open your third eye.

I want to show the truth that Satanism isn’t really love since it fills you with hate for all things shown and given to us by the One Creator.

I want to teach him a lesson of manipulating and corrupting the religious structures by putting only men in charge, and saying that they have been divinely chosen to tell others what to do and how to believe.

I want to bash him for slithering in the lie that our thoughts create all the events and everything you see. I did not poison the water of Flint Michigan, or cause the Great Depression from the greed of the bankers.

I want to shake others that he has whispered to and put them asleep….and tell them to wake up and show them that it is not about the SELF, it is about all of us.

But I won’t feed into the hate. 

We are trapped in a prison of selfish delusion, and it is time we shed this illusion.

We can do it individually, but eventually we will need to do it together….you will see.


And some have fell for it. Read the Signs from God and you will truly be shown the truth.



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