Bernie Madoff: You Can Cheat People, But You Can’t Cheat God.

I just finished watching the excellent 4 part movie, “Madoff”, about the Bernie Madoff Scandal Ponzi Scheme. If you don’t know much about it, please watch the movie or read about it. It is mind boggling how this one man of an investment firm could steal 50 billion dollars for years and not get caught until the market crash of 2008. Thousands of people and organizations from around the world had invested with him, from Hollywood bigwig Steven Spielberg to Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s foundation. Many innocent people lost their entire life’s savings to Bernie’s greed.

But what struck me as odd was the uncanny similarities between Bernie’s life story and the Pharaoh Rameses of the Exodus. Moses warned Rameses of the impeding death that would curse the sons of every family tied to the Ancient Egyptians, and have them die at an early age. Bernie’s theft of other people’s money over the years seemed to curse his own sons and any one part of his whole family.

During the time of the scandal, Bernie’s younger brother Peter, who worked at the firm as the Chief Compliance Officer lost his son young Roger, to leukemia. After Bernie Madoff got arrested his son, Mark Madoff committed suicide by hanging himself in his New York apartment. Lastly, it was Andrew Madoff who came down with a cancer called, lymphoma and died as the only remaining male son in 2014. The Bernie Madoff family’s direct roots have dwindled down to only a daughter of Peter Madoff (in jail for 10 years now), Shana.

People die of cancer all the time, and we can not say God took them away for spite or anger. But when something happens to cause an entire male side of the Bernie Madoff family to disappear while he is in jail, you may be able to see the similarities between the death to the Ancient Egyptian’s sons. God produces life where He sees fit, but He is known to wash an entire civilization or nation away in the past. It is a tragic thing to see Bernie Madoff’s actions caused such a destruction to his own sons.

Truly a sad story to show the effects of one man’s immense greed. You can cheat people, but eventually God catches up to you and you can’t cheat Him.

Scene from the new movie, Exodus: God and Kings

Pharaoh-holding-baby-Exodus-Gods-and-Kings-Not-A-Christian-Film-e1416089455872 (1)