The Wind In the City Is A Warning.

Today the wind was crazy in Chicago. Gusts of wind knocked off tiles of buildings. Winds picked up kids as they were playing outside and it looked strangely like a tornado was trying to touch down. It got really scary here, and people were running around trying to take cover from falling debris causing a zombie like scare of people downtown running in any direction to get to safety.

Something that I reflected on while looking at the sky, and seeing the wind whip across the city from inside the security of my work’s building, was that we are not as secure as we think. Chicago often prides itself on being a large city that does not have threats of natural disasters being in the Midwest. But while weather specialists say there can not be tornados touching down, you never really know. With God all things are possible.

It was a warning to me, that people need to start seeing this life and world as a temporary gift and stop taking everything for granted. Like the branches ripped from the trees around me today, we really are helpless against the elements we rely on. We need to start taking better care of our world, environment and ultimately each other.

Our weather is getting more extreme and this biblically has held much importance to God’s messages in the past….maybe we really need to start listening and taking in the larger lessons that our weather has been trying to show us these days.


The damage I saw walking home from work today.