Purgatory of Faith: Saints by Gene Luen Yang 

Today I picked up a comic book found in an elementary school’s library. Although it received a lot of awards, it did not impress me.
I don’t know why I am a little bit angry after reading this dark comic, but I am finding that to be in the children’s library is something I don’t quite agree with.
The story starts off with a sad tale of an unfortunate girl that takes a strange path to find God. But the style of the writing leans towards more of a mockery of faith rather than spiritual uplifting and wisdom shared.
Historically this graphic novel gives an interesting storyline to the Chinese and “white Devils” missionaries, but spiritually it left me feeling a bit disappointed…like being left in purgatory, it wasn’t fully satisfying to my spiritual nature. 
Perhaps it was the questioning nature of faith this book seems to have, and the dark violent ending to the protagonist’s life without a lot of purpose attached to it. Something about this book is off to me. The illustrations with the eyes of Jesus and the eye in his wounds is a little strange to find in a children’s book when they are so inidated with the illuminati eye in the pyramid symbol already. Even if it was not intended, the artist should have known better…
Can our kids get a break from the strange indoctrination of the illuminati? God help us all determine the truth from the lies.