Air Pollution: Their Health is Our Legacy.

I used to be a teacher, but I decided to go another route these days since the educational system is hard to be part of for an outspoken Indigo conscious person, like me. I now am completely in charge of a recess and after school care program as the program manager. That means I am CPR certified and can take care of children when the nurse is off duty, and parents put their trust in my care. In Chicago a nurse is only at schools where a child needs medicine every day administrated, which is a gamble in my opinion with the lives of children. What happens to schools with kids without a nurse the day a medical emergency occurs? That’s where I come in to help take the nurses place and facilitate an engaging and fun program for the kids whose parents work till 6pm.

Today was a little bit scary and not the usual Friday at all. I took a child in from recess after she began to have labored breathing after running. I monitored her until she could be taken to the ER. Then in the process of her breathing problems, an older Middle School boy started experiencing breathing problems after playing basketball outside on the same playground in the city.

Could these two events be linked to the pollution that is growing in our air as a big city? I would venture yes. As the break down in morals happen and people start to cut corners on the environment’s health and welfare-we suffer.

If we don’t ALL go more “green” in this world, we are going to see much more deterioration of health happen in humans. I am not sure if I saved a life today, but I did question as I sat there trying to calm her breathing, that our children are precious and the newest generation to cherish and take care of. This world is theirs after we no longer exist. The adults are going to have to start to make less selfish decisions on ways to spend money and start to create ingenious ways to save our planet from destruction. We also are going to have to spend on education and health welfare services to take care of the children that will be our next leap into the future. As they inherit this earth, let’s make sure that it is given to them in a good condition that we would want to live in, ok?

We can not keep going like this. We can not see positive results of evolution in a broken system any longer. People with integrity in political structures of states are going to have to say no to building large projects that don’t have immediate play into the health and lives of others. I know we can be better with where our money is going towards. I wish I had the power to do something and bring change to this system, but I am only a voice. I am only a messenger for what has already been said in the Gita, Bible, Torah, and Quran and Buddhist teachings:

Take care of each other and do good towards one another and the earth.

Take care of the children and this earth that are gifts from God. Everything is all connected and our survival depends on the choices we make together as adults with children depending on us. Like the Montessori school I currently work in, let’s make better choices as adults.