Chicago’s Corruption: We Are Judged By The Way We Use Money

I just finished watching No Escape, with Owen Wilson and it was a terrifying look at how sudden violence erupting in a foreign land can leave you all alone struggling for survival. While some people were upset about this movie, showing Thailand as full of violent people, I saw it more about the corrupt ways leaders deal business.  The whole premise is that the farmers and villagers who lost their land staged a coup to get rid of the corrupt government who is working with British water and power companies. It is a long tangled web, but supposedly, this goes on all the time in the world.

One country has more money and exploits a country with less to make more money, and then takes their property over when they are in debt. Sick.

Well, it turns out it can happen on a larger scale too, where an entire state of officials exploit their people for more money by raising taxes without giving the services they promised in the first place.

I sadly live in one of these most corrupted states-Chicago, according to this very interesting website:

I noticed that our recyclables has not been picked up in 2 weeks now, schools have no budget for supplies, and somehow our taxes keep raising for broken down streets and land property that doesn’t get fixed unless it is for a new construction project. Don’t even get me started on the pot holes in the streets. Once a foreign Uber driver from Algeria said to me that Chicago has the worst streets to drive on in the world!

Being a Muslim in Chicago, is like I am bracing for the storm of the wrath of God that is coming based on the Quran warnings. I really wish I was not born here, because it is so hard to leave once your roots and family is here, but my goal is to get out of this state as soon as I can and start a family somewhere less connected to the mob.

I can’t stand the corruption any longer, and I feel it in taxes, and in less services that Chicago provides its hard working people. As I reflect on the way that officials have deserted its people, and spent money on casinos and other unnecessary projects, I see the verses of the Quran glowing in my mind.

One of the thing that the Quran pushes is the idea that charitable good deeds is needed by leaders of the people. The verses express how you need to take care of the poor, and the people under your responsibility. Even though Muhammad, was not a king, he was placed in charge of establishing a society built on more of a social structure of taking care of the most needy and children, in society. In Chicago, the people in charge take care of themselves and their connections, meanwhile the people suffer and the politicians and city leaders’ corruption deepens in their souls. Let’s not forget about CPS-the Chicago School Systems that send our teachers on strike almost every year and close down schools, while children suffer, cause the state doesn’t want to spend money on education and the welfare of its people.

Quran 2:110

And establish prayer and give zakah (charity), and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing.

I ask that these 10 corrupt states start to think about the people that were entrusted in their care by God, and how this will reflect on their own consciousness. If we clean up the corruption at the top, there will be less anger, bloodshed, and violence on the bottom.