Are Atheists Just Good People Hurt By Religion?

If it is the exclusivity that is taught in churches, synagogues, mosques,and temples today..then no wonder there are atheists. When one religion says they are chosen over others, this causing such discord and bloodshed in the world.
What IF..
The corruption in religion happened from within? I am serious…what if the people who placed themselves in power of religion were really just servants to the devil and acted in opposing force to love, compassion, empathy, brotherhood and equality?
If we had loving people in place of religious power structures from day one, would more people see God today? I would say, yes. The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, KKK, Boko Haram, ISIS, are products of “exclusive” narrow minded thinking about God and religion.
Would there be atheists IF there weren’t these extremist narrow minded groups? I really do wonder if atheists are just good hearted people who have become saddened by the world’s religions?
Maybe it is time to bring more people to God, by showing the beauty in religion once again?
religious oppression and murder