The Movie Risen: Jesus’s Precious Gift of Joy

One thing that I noticed about this particular movie was the absolute JOY that the disciples shared knowing Jesus. It was actually quite fun watching them smile, hit each other friendly over the back in brotherhood, and generally be all “giggly” together. I found myself sitting there with a smile on my face.

It got me thinking as I sat there, I too feel these moments of pure spiritual highs and joys, and it really is the best feeling in the world, quite possibly universe. How fun it is to be able to feel so happy that even in threatening of their death, the disciples laughed with delight knowing what they knew.

They were no longer scared or feared death. They were in a pure state of joy to know that everything in the end is beautiful for those that believed in Jesus’s message.  Just as the Buddha taught about detachment of this material world, these disciples reached it and you could tell in their happy smiles. This gift is passed down to us now, as we think about the coldness and cruelty of the world, we know in our hearts that somewhere lies a place of pure joy and bliss for those that search deep enough to find it.

Mary Magdalene left smiling to herself.