The Message: The Movie About Islam

I found it free to watch.

If you don’t like to read, or want to learn the meaning behind the Quran without Fox News or War mongering candidates feeding you it…here is a great movie that goes into the beginning of Islam and how it all started. It is approved by the Islamic Foundation as close to the story of Muhammad and how Islam started.

Enjoy for free and expand the mind……to see just how close Christians and Muslims were before the kings ordered the crusades to gain more power.



My Daily Life As an Awakened Person

I wanted to write about what it means to be able to have faith, and see the esoteric meanings in the holy books. I would like to give you a glimpse into my daily life and how it actually FEELS being me as a Muslim, knowing what I know about the Quran and humanity.

My day starts out like any other human, I am groggy from the sleep and often ponder why do I have to go to work that day. I do my morning prayers and get down on my knees in a form of meditation and bowing to a Higher Power outside my self. Since the Quran is never specific on what to pray except for the first Surah, I just talk to God and tell Him my plans to help others see the Light of God more. Sometimes, I do get tearful because of so much ignorance in the world of His immense beauty and mercy. Often times, I am tearful because I am grateful for the blessings given to me.

What happens next is the starting of my day. Sometimes, I put on Unsolved Mysteries and other times Dr.Phill is in the background. Depends on my mood. I often enjoy hearing about the unsolved mysteries of the world, knowing deep down ALL the truth will come out and this show often times shows people that this material world is not so black and white all the time. I like mysteries and I also like to try to solve them in my mind, which is why I became a spiritual seeker in the first place.

I enjoy Dr. Phill ,because he is a “no nonsense” type of guy that truly tells people the way it is. I enjoy his immense ability to perceive things they way they are-he is very perceptive and he is able to get people to see things in a brand new light.

Next, I go out the door, with ear phones on listening to music while I walk to the train. The music I enjoy is either really spacey new age, calming spa music, or a gentle indie station with meaningful lyrics to ponder. As I walk through the streets, I always glance at the sun in the sky and the bright beautiful open space above me with a knowing little “nod” to the angels and God. Not that I see God sitting on a cloud, but I see God in a higher realm that can only be reached through higher consciousness of thought. And that sun was created as a lamp to warm the little creations on this planet. I feel the immense love for life from God and the angels who work to guide humans, as their younger brothers and sisters.

As I give my little tearful grateful smile at the sky, I rush along the streets looking at people around me. I like to notice where they are in life. I also unconsciously look for people in need of something-maybe they can’t get down the stairs. Maybe they are having problems opening the door or using the ticket purchase station. Wherever there is need, my eyes see them. I will go to someone if they need help and lend a hand letting them know, someone cares…I am there for them. It just feels like this is what makes life worth living.

I glance around on the train around me, looking for that shining light of God. Sometimes I see it when a person offers a chair to an elderly, and sometimes I don’t, when people are pushing each other to get into the train, I then see only their ego coming through. I just like to observe and see where people are in their different levels of consciousness. I do not judge them as evil, only as ignorant to the truth I have discovered that we are all one unit.

Next, I usually walk to work from the train. Here my steps get more confident in seeing glimmers of God everywhere or the opposite of God which is greediness, selfishness, etc. But by then, because my focus has been on the Godly things people have done for each other, the ungodly things do not phase me. I will be that person who stands up to others if they get too rude, loud, or in general are disturbing others. I tend to see it as a reminder as I scold, as in they should know better-the conscious part of them does.

On my way through the streets to my work, I occasionally smile to strangers or will gaze around me at the beautiful creation that God created for us. Even in its ugliest forms, there is still beauty and I see it. In a city with graffiti everywhere, it just shows me the sometimes “randomness and rebelliousness” of human nature. God is funny like that, we can stretch as far as we want away from the Source or God, but as soon as we get too far away, God pulls us back somehow with reminding us with laws and penalties we may experience in the world.

When I arrive at work, the reality sets in. I am here now to do a duty, and although we are all creations of God, I must now play a role as a teacher or guide to children and my staff. So I do. And I take my job seriously. I don’t let a single “hit or kick” go un-reprimanded on the playground. I am constantly spending my day teaching kids social behaviors that will help them keep the peace and make less enemies in life by their actions…as well as trying to show them that humanity needs them to choose to be good for the sake of being our next generation in charge.

As I watch all the young souls running around, I am reminded of how earth is much like a school and we all have our different journeys to go on, but we are at different levels of consciousness all the time. Allah/God in the Quran constantly asks, “Will they not ponder the words?” as in a way to get us to think first than react always emotionally from ego. Children react, and yes although they are sweet and innocent of many evils since their egos aren’t fully developed, they also are babies in their understandings of unity. They do not know that Suzy is just another spiritual creation of Tommy, and in order to make their experiences more fun, they shouldn’t hit one another when trying to get what they want.

My day goes in and out of consciousness levels, talking to adults and children. I connect to those during the day that are kind, and don’t take out their issues on others. If I am in a “mood”, I warn my staff to beware….I am in a lower state of mind that day. But these lower states of mind do not last long and actually with a simple thought or asking God for strength to get through the day, I am fine again and smiling.

They used to last for weeks, and it’s called depression. I used to feel so alone, like nobody cared, and when I finally realized that nobody will care unless I cared for them…that’s when things changed. I also discovered a loving force behind the universe as I learned about life on other planets and the millions of galaxies astronomers are discovering. I stopped being the victim and I took actions. I became a servant of good for God instead of sitting there and wasting this experience.

My days are filled with great joy in my understanding and I can make my perspective grow larger at crucial times and look outside of myself at others. I no longer take things so personally or think that people are mean or bad. Something happened to them, and I see it in children as well. When a child hits another or does something mean, it is because they are not feeling right inside. Something is bothering them, and I do my best to find out what it is to help them and clear that dark shadow away from their mind. Something caused this ignorance and as a teacher, I am here to educate them on what they missed.

When I go home at night, I think to myself how exhausted I am through my day and how I wish I could just rest forever. I often times will see me happily enter in the warm white light of heavenly bliss with all other good souls on earth, but I know I have a few things to do first. I am happy and grateful for the day and the lessons and joys I experienced. So by the time, I go home, I am ready to really unwind and experience love with my fiancé, that I have not gotten from strangers all day. Yes, he recharges my battery you can say and reflects back all the love that I gave out to others. He is my twin flame.

At night, before bed, I say a prayer again to thank the Lord for all the amazing blessings I have and to help me awaken others to be able to have them as well. It is not the most psychically exciting life right now at this moment (I don’t have kids yet ;)), but it is a rich spiritually one and really not much phases me..I am finally at peace when at one time I was not.

Ignorance of our unity and God’s goodness, is what makes a person evil. God does not create evil people…only gives them the free will to choose to have the knowledge that they need in order to become good.

And that knowledge is: Unity




The Indigo Chakra Idea for Humanity.

I have an idea and it may just work…but it will take a letting go of ego:
What IF People awoke to realize that atheists, theists, buddhists, muslims, christians, jewish, agnostics, gnostics, pantheists, deists, etc….all are in this world together, and if they don’t stop arguing and bickering over God we will never see peace and will continue to destroy each other?
What IF people awoke to see that the real evil is not in religion-it’s in the greed of the men who create wars, given unequal wealth distribution, take resources, and destroy other’s land for their own gain?
What IF we started to see that the real enemy is much darker than those who believe in God, or those who don’t…and it is a threat that threatens us daily, programming us to hate and to be divided?
What IF we started to actually work together, respecting that we all have different perspectives and that these perspectives shouldn’t impede on the rights of others?
What if we could live in a more progressive, greener, healthier, highly technological environment that coexists with the natural environment not ruled by the greedy resource holders who can’t share the wealth. 
What IF we were not subject to a shadow government of their own invested interests, but instead truly powered by the voice of the people?
But FIRST before all this can happen, we must come together in empathy and recognition of each other as humans who each deserve peace. 
 I dream of a better future, do you?


The Nines & My Final Understanding: Only Read If You Want To Wake Up.

In bed sick with a another cold, I just was reminded of the strange movie, “the Nines” with one of my favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds. Of course there was a purpose for me to be able to sit here and watch it.

I am not sure if I should be typing this, but something tells me many are ready to learn the truth of the messages ingrained in this movie. It’s time. I am a “nine” too, and I am here only to wake up the other nines who just want to “play” and get caught up in the human drama cycle. I am here to wake humans from the dream when the dream needs to change into a new one.

That’s what I am. That’s why I see the world the way it is and write with complete honesty. I am not God, and the movie was not trying to say we each are.. exactly. The movie was about how we are multidimensional beings or souls from God, who choose to learn and relearn, on this planet. No, we are not aliens…we are just energy that never dies and is only transformed into another form.

I am a nine, because I have slowly awakened and noticed there is something wrong with this world. It has not gone as planned by God, and so I notice when humans have gone off track a bit. Possibly God sends out “nine” souls into babies to be born on earth to help keep the world on track or maybe it’s just the way humans finally wake up.

 I connect with only other nines mentally, and only other nines will like my posts or connect to what I say…or even understand it. Because somewhere deep down, they know it is time too…to change the path of existence now. So if you follow my blog, or like what I say…it’s cause it is the truth you know deep down inside and I am only reflecting it back to are a nine too.

Many humans have fallen into a state of sleep where they feel a disconnect from God or the All, so they treat others as separate from themselves. This leads to hate, racism, anger, and bloodshed. And so when too much disconnect or imbalance of evil happens, this is when a “wake up” call needs to happen.

I am not sure if the number is correct in the movie, there could be far more levels of consciousnesses that we can’t know or see, cause we are not in essence the totality. This is not about being proud or prideful, it is about being aware of the immense source of energy that we extend from as souls.

Let me explain the movie in a way, that I can understand it as a nine too:

Gary (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a multidimensional being who is “stuck” in his own creation..his perceived world. His favorite creation or archetype is the role played by Melissa McCarthy. She, in many different realities and dimensions, plays his publicist, best friend, and wife. But her main role she was created for was to keep him in this reality. So she is pleasant and always a friend to him in the world that Gary created. She keeps him grounded and brings love and joy into his world to experience. If you think really hard…you can find that person or people that have done that in your life. They make life worth living every day.

The other woman Susan, played by Hope Davis, is another multidimensional being who also creates worlds and plays around, but she is tired of the drama and is concerned that one of her soul groups has lost their way. In much ways, she is the angel that has come to save him from this world and bring his rapture to take him back to God. It is hard to see this, she plays a sneaky game of making Gary suffer a bit, but what she is really is doing is trying to wake him up from the “dream” and bring him back to the ALL. She is the “reminder of who he is” part of the world and appears in different forms from the cheating next door neighbor, scheming television executive, and finally a mysterious stranger he meets on the road.

It took me a lot of learning and forgiveness to understand her role. She is not evil, or like “Lucifer” which is what I thought at first while she tries to destroy his world systematically each reality. I discovered that she is actually trying to bring him out the prison he became stuck in.

I am much like her, though I don’t sneak around in people’s lives telling them to wake up, I am here to remind the people on the lower levels of consciousness to grow a little…if they are suffering in life. I am trying to show there is never a need to suffer from your own hands. God is good and wishes to always give you the gift of a best experience.

The end of the movie is where it gets really amazing. When Gary, the multidimensional being, decides it is time to finally go home. He transfers this power of creation into the hands of his favorite creation. This shows how the love is shared between them as creation and creator. It really is a beautiful relationship and when you think really deeply this is the relationship that God has with all of us. As we learn to love God as levels 7-9s in consciousness levels, we in turn become elevated to a state of seeing the love all around.

The last moments of the movie is truly beautiful where, Melissa McCarthy is elevated to the next level and now she is the nine realizing that her universe or world around her is the one she has the power to control by how she reacts and perceives life. You can tell by the smile on her face, that she is in a high level of bliss experience looking at her family with love, and then ultimately thanking her creator who brought her to blissful level of experience at the same time.

Now I am in this state, as I look around at my life…I see every suffering and every gift that God has brought to me to learn from. When you are at this level of being, there is no more nightmare…everything seems like a surreal dream. I will say, bad things are still going to happen to me, and I will still feel them. The difference is now, I won’t suffer for long knowing they truly are temporary emotions and where we are from is far more beautiful and true . When Gary in the movie, says that Home feels warm and like a bright white light as he remembers it…that’s exactly the feeling I feel when I tap into my subconscious and what God really is…warm and white light…. Can you feel it too?

I guess you can say this  is enlightenment…and I only type that to help others realize that they have reached it too if they have reached the same conclusions. We have the power to bring this world into a new peaceful paradigm. Will you join me, nines?


The ending scene of Gary going back to the central consciousness.






Breaking My Debate Group Addiction

I finally broke my addiction to trying to show God in a different light to atheists or defend religion. Thanks to my loving man, I was able to find the strength to let go today…I want to help those that can not see, SEE. But just now I said my final goodbyes to the debate groups.

Here is what I said in hopes to help others with their addiction to debate and defend:


I think it’s my time to go from these debate groups. I am not running away…I enjoyed my time a little bit in this group, and I hope I showed a few of you a different perspective on God that a theist can have. I am a passionate believer in a Good force that is guiding Life towards it’s highest expression of itself.

My fiancé just came home and asked me why I am in debate with people in groups when I could be spending time with him at home, this is not my first rodeo…I love to discuss and “unwind” the inner workings of reality with others online. I have awakened as many others have in this world to understand there is a driving force behind all the spiritual wisdom brought to us by divine revelation, angels, or men just sitting quiet under a bodhi tree.

But my man just gave me the best example of asking me what is a dog. I pointed to my puppy running around my legs eager to be part of the conversation and I said, “him”. He said, “no, it’s this” and he picked up a bottle of vitamins near him. I said, “you are wrong cause many others would say this is a dog”, and he said, “but my parents and people I know say this is a dog.”

The point is, that no matter WHAT, the debate about God will be something that will go on forever until the end of days because humans have their own experiences, surroundings, and environments they have been brought up in. ONLY when you decide to step outside of your own circle of experiences you were brought up in will you start to understand the world, and the way that billions of people from around the world can see God. In stepping outside of your own circle of experience, you start to widen your perspective, and God grows and expands to encompass this universe and beyond. That’s what it means to wake up. The eye becomes opened to see ALL as being part of God and interconnected.

I wish you all well, but I have a life to focus on….cause let’s put it this way, spiritual growth doesn’t happen sitting on a computer, it happens through actions and what you do in life. So I am off of these debate groups, and leave you guys to fight, agree or argue. Just know that this theist Muslim American woman only wishes to see people start to hug and realize their truer interconnection to each other no matter their “views” on God.

Peace. Salam. Shalom.


So yes. I am done with debates and arguing about the existence of God. If God wants them to see Him, they will see….


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Kung Fu Hustle: The Islam Inside of It

I decided to prepare for my next life transitions into planning a wedding, and a family by taking up Tai Chi to help me with my balance and bring me into the next phase of my spiritual awareness. I am a martial artist with a blue belt, and so I always had the drive  to study the ancient art of martial arts. I have done yoga and even taught kids classes, but now at 34 years of age, I need to start a new form of exercise to reach my fullest potential of health and balance during these exciting and stressful times.

To help me get into the motivation and “flow”, I  watched one of my favorite movies last night, “Kung Fu Hustle”. It is a comedy with “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” flair, and I simply love it. One of the reasons I watched it was because some of the martial arts they use is a form of Tai Chi mixed in with Kung Fu, and I love the story centralized around the “chi” that is learned how to harness during this art form.

The Islam inside is found when the main character becomes reborn into his fullest potential and becomes a weapon of peace. At the end, he becomes a teacher to the villain trying to kill him, and this shows what Islam is really trying to teach. Yes, there is violence in the Quran, but it is only done in self defense just like the masters of the movie. There is a spiritual law that supersedes all other laws of the land in the Quran, and that is to be a good person.

This is why the Quran constantly asks the readers to “think” deeper about the reality of the situation. It is rhetorical in the nature of trying to teach the people who listen to it, to to one day become a spiritual master and a teacher themselves.

The purpose of the Quran revelations are ultimately to teach each person how to govern themselves and rise above temptations and desires of the human body. It is to vibrate higher in frequency closer to love and forgiveness. Yes, there is self defense where it is needed, as the Quran says the “good” is used to check the “bad” in the world, which really means to keep the balance of good so that life can expand.

As I watched the end of the movie, I saw WHY Archangel Gabriel was sent down to Muhammad, it is in order to teach humans how to become the masters of their own destiny. Because that is just how loving our creator really is.


We Don’t Need a Trump…We Need a Healer.

I will not be voting for Donald Trump today, and it isn’t just because I am an American Muslim woman. It is because I am tired of the nation’s people being “egged” on to fight one another. I am really part of that percentage of people that wish to see a peaceful world, where people start to empathically connect to one another and understand where each and everybody is coming from. I look for examples of unity and harmony, not division. I believe that once mankind was united, and through manipulation they became divided. This keeps us from experiencing peace on earth today.

I am not looking for a sly business man as a leader, I am looking for a healer. America has had enough division and hatred in this nation. It is time to put down the weapons, and open up the blocked off chakras to let go of the anger and hurt. We need a leader that will encourage this. Not someone who is going to put us back 50 years into a time of racial suspicion of each other. It’s time to see war as separate from the individuals that are part of it, and see war as a profit making machine for those invested in them. It is time to see blacks, white, and caramel colored skin as offering the same shield or barrier to house an unique soul on a journey. It is time, in 2016, to have a president or a leader that has healing qualities.

I can’t say when the end times are near, nobody knows when our planet will be destroyed and the story of mankind is up. But the revelation of Jesus coming back to usher in a new earth full of peace and prosperity for all, doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now. While it may not be Jesus who is offered as our next leader, we can start cultivating the next set of leaders who will usher us into this paradigm of peaceful realization of the soul.

I still feel we are a little far away from everyone living in accordance to natural law without governance, but I believe mankind is heading towards this potential and voting for Trump will just make us regress instead of progress in this spiritual awareness of one another.

I am ready for a consciously advanced person to be in charge. Someone who can teach humans stuck on lower chakra levels how to relieve themselves of unnecessary pain and suffering. A leader that can teach about detachment to material wants, and encourage goals that will fulfil the soul..that’s what America  needs. We need a Muhammad as a messenger tapped into higher wisdom, a Dali Lama or divinely created being Jesus. We definitely don’t need Trump who is stuck on the red chakra  level of survival.

We need a leader who is already climbing up the ladder to higher consciousness and awareness. We don’t need leaders who can’t even see the first rung.

If you agree with me, please like this post and share it with your friends. Pass on the idea and maybe one day, we will inspire the next set of healers to set up and become a leader.

An old gnostic image that reflects the chakras