Coraline: the REAL Devil

Watched the extremely creepy cartoon movie “Coraline” and realized it was about the devil’s temptations….

The devil creates this illusion in the world that the bad is good, and that the matrix around is JUST for us. Like Buddha who turned away from the temptations of Mara, we are always being tempted by what we desire the most and sometimes we have to make the choice to not have it so in turn we can help others and be of service to God…and live within truth (God), not falsehood (the Devil). Only the brave and courageous actions of Coraline awakens her to the truth.

Many satanists today are actually being lead this way, like the pied piper with children out of the town, and the Belldam Witch of Coraline….many are being led away from God. It is important to know that Coraline in the beginning is not a nice little girl to others, and so this is what attracts the witch to her..

In the beginning of this movie, it shows the witch sewing Coraline together and she floats out into space in an alternate dimension. The devil knows what you most desire before you realize it yourself, and there the internal battle begins to stay a good person. The great thing is if you already desire good things for others and for God, then there really is no attack on you…the devil knows it can not attain you cause you are already there close to God. These are what the messages were trying to teach people. The devil is the ego and when you live only by it, it can lead you wrongly. 

the last sura of the Quran:


In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

The King of mankind.

The God of mankind.

From the evil of the sneaky whisperer.

Who whispers into the hearts of people.

From among jinn and among people.”