We Don’t Need a Trump…We Need a Healer.

I will not be voting for Donald Trump today, and it isn’t just because I am an American Muslim woman. It is because I am tired of the nation’s people being “egged” on to fight one another. I am really part of that percentage of people that wish to see a peaceful world, where people start to empathically connect to one another and understand where each and everybody is coming from. I look for examples of unity and harmony, not division. I believe that once mankind was united, and through manipulation they became divided. This keeps us from experiencing peace on earth today.

I am not looking for a sly business man as a leader, I am looking for a healer. America has had enough division and hatred in this nation. It is time to put down the weapons, and open up the blocked off chakras to let go of the anger and hurt. We need a leader that will encourage this. Not someone who is going to put us back 50 years into a time of racial suspicion of each other. It’s time to see war as separate from the individuals that are part of it, and see war as a profit making machine for those invested in them. It is time to see blacks, white, and caramel colored skin as offering the same shield or barrier to house an unique soul on a journey. It is time, in 2016, to have a president or a leader that has healing qualities.

I can’t say when the end times are near, nobody knows when our planet will be destroyed and the story of mankind is up. But the revelation of Jesus coming back to usher in a new earth full of peace and prosperity for all, doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now. While it may not be Jesus who is offered as our next leader, we can start cultivating the next set of leaders who will usher us into this paradigm of peaceful realization of the soul.

I still feel we are a little far away from everyone living in accordance to natural law without governance, but I believe mankind is heading towards this potential and voting for Trump will just make us regress instead of progress in this spiritual awareness of one another.

I am ready for a consciously advanced person to be in charge. Someone who can teach humans stuck on lower chakra levels how to relieve themselves of unnecessary pain and suffering. A leader that can teach about detachment to material wants, and encourage goals that will fulfil the soul..that’s what America  needs. We need a Muhammad as a messenger tapped into higher wisdom, a Dali Lama or divinely created being Jesus. We definitely don’t need Trump who is stuck on the red chakra  level of survival.

We need a leader who is already climbing up the ladder to higher consciousness and awareness. We don’t need leaders who can’t even see the first rung.

If you agree with me, please like this post and share it with your friends. Pass on the idea and maybe one day, we will inspire the next set of healers to set up and become a leader.

An old gnostic image that reflects the chakras