Kung Fu Hustle: The Islam Inside of It

I decided to prepare for my next life transitions into planning a wedding, and a family by taking up Tai Chi to help me with my balance and bring me into the next phase of my spiritual awareness. I am a martial artist with a blue belt, and so I always had the drive  to study the ancient art of martial arts. I have done yoga and even taught kids classes, but now at 34 years of age, I need to start a new form of exercise to reach my fullest potential of health and balance during these exciting and stressful times.

To help me get into the motivation and “flow”, I  watched one of my favorite movies last night, “Kung Fu Hustle”. It is a comedy with “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” flair, and I simply love it. One of the reasons I watched it was because some of the martial arts they use is a form of Tai Chi mixed in with Kung Fu, and I love the story centralized around the “chi” that is learned how to harness during this art form.

The Islam inside is found when the main character becomes reborn into his fullest potential and becomes a weapon of peace. At the end, he becomes a teacher to the villain trying to kill him, and this shows what Islam is really trying to teach. Yes, there is violence in the Quran, but it is only done in self defense just like the masters of the movie. There is a spiritual law that supersedes all other laws of the land in the Quran, and that is to be a good person.

This is why the Quran constantly asks the readers to “think” deeper about the reality of the situation. It is rhetorical in the nature of trying to teach the people who listen to it, to to one day become a spiritual master and a teacher themselves.

The purpose of the Quran revelations are ultimately to teach each person how to govern themselves and rise above temptations and desires of the human body. It is to vibrate higher in frequency closer to love and forgiveness. Yes, there is self defense where it is needed, as the Quran says the “good” is used to check the “bad” in the world, which really means to keep the balance of good so that life can expand.

As I watched the end of the movie, I saw WHY Archangel Gabriel was sent down to Muhammad, it is in order to teach humans how to become the masters of their own destiny. Because that is just how loving our creator really is.